Recklessness at peaks: RTC driver smokes hookah on duty!!  
  CUTE: Chay-Sam's ring finding game in wedding!  
  Sooya's sweet biscuits to Charan!  
  Venu Madhav in spotlight with same old Rachha!!  
  Khushi's transformation should give hope to anyone!  
  Daggubatis and Akkinenis team for multistarrer!  
  Hansika stuns with smoking redhot look  
  CBN bought Renuka for Rs 70 crore  
  KCR scared of Centre, CBI!!  
  "Pawan sent me a warning with that scene..!!"  
  Mahesh a rare gem in film industry!  
  Hottie's s3xy breakfast on bed!  
  Did Brother Anil meet RGV?  
  Balayya gets huge shock from ravishing beauty?  
  Hot Hunk Rana's shocker about fear  
  Psycho Varma won't be spared!!  
  Jagan a non-resident!  
  Keerthy nails it with those eyes!  
  MP Seat reason for Renuka's defection  
  Collection King readying for stunning sensation  
Lakshmi's NTR - A Controversy In The Making
  Modi made India shining abroad  
  HC upholds BCCI appeal, Sreesanth life ban to stay  
  KTR gets prestigious invitation  
  KCR wants Assembly, Council sessions for a month from Oct 27  
  India reiterates concern to US over H1-B visa issue  
  Trump urges Hillary to run in 2020  
  Suicide pact: 5 bodies of two families found in Shankarpalli  
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India Rupees
Gold (10g) 30,812.83
US Dollar 65.39
Euro (EUR) 77.07
British Pound (GBP) 87.96
Australian Dollar 51.56
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  Has Rahul Began To Ruffle A Few Feathers Of BJP?
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Raju Gari Gadhi 2   Raju Gari Gadhi 2  
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Oye Ninne   Oye Ninne  
A man was complaining to a railroad engineer. 

What's the use of having a train schedule if the trains are always late. 

The railroad engineer replied....
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  What is South Indian Rambo's connection to Rebel Star?  
  Aamir took cues from Jeetendra, Anil for 'Secret Superstar'  
  Super Star showing power in CM Chamber  
  Giant killer readying for dual sensation  
  Natasimha shows climax power  
  Madhuri to make her Marathi acting debut  
  Hema shares 'warm' relation with stepson Sunny  
  Modern Indian cinema lacks realism  
  'Padmavati' was exhausting experience  
  Chai - Sams lavish reception delights all  
  Rebel Star new look shows its power  
  Pretty beauty increases heat in Padmasana?  
  King reveals his professional castles  
  Mega daughter styles hair of makeup artist!  
  Pooja's RETURN gift to Cherry!  
  Virat wants to learn Rubik's Cube technique from Aamir  
  Senior actor Sharat Babu to marry Namitha  
  What a deal Pawan sir!  
  JLK fears to Chiru's fans!  
  Cat fight talks outdated  
  Mass Raja reveals personal and professional secrets  
  Stylish Star creating business sensation?  
  Is this how Hot Beauty realised blind talents?  
  Power Star to show his political power on silver screen  
  Brahmastra against Baahubali  
  Please Nag, nee meesam maa ishtam!!  
  KRK gets brutally trolled for tweet targeting Kohli!  
  Temple for Telugu Thalaiva!  
  Varun Dhawan to get his first Madame Tussauds wax figure  
  Natasimha creates stunts sensation on stage  
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