Top News   
   Varun has betrayed the Gandhi family!
   Sonia has lost confidence in Rahul!
   Star campaigners to descend on T
   BJP-TDP tie up is national interest!
   'NTR is kid like'
   YSRCP only knows cheap counter attacks!
   Samantha romancing an Aparichitudu?
   MP quits; Congress is orphaned in Prakasham District
   Not parties, but martyrs achieved T
   TRS not averse to ‘Dalit CM’ !
Movie News   
   Upcoming heroes angry with music director!
   Legend villain takes Big B as his role model
   Laddu gets a good price
   Tapsee to conquer B-Town!
   Thaman kicked off Cherry’s project
   Mani Ratnam is family to me
   Sai has Mega Star's spark?
   Hansika's experience in hell
   Ala Hindi lo Modalaindi?
   Shah Rukh, Aamir, Salman pushed Indian cinema globally
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