Review: Janaki Ramudu
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Producer: MP.Naidu

Director: Satish Babu Tamminedi

Music: Gifton Elias

Casting: Naveen Sanjay, Mouryani, Priyanka,Kiran Kamath, Sudarshan and others

Rating: 2.5/5.0


Ramu (Naveen Sanjay) and Janaki (Mouryani) gets attracted and fall in love with in no time. This look rosy for them as they are even relatives except for the fact that Janaki is from a rich and influential family in the village. Her other relative Dhana too starts liking her and eliminates anyone who looks at Janaki.

As they get close during a excursion trip, their lecturer advices them to put their love to positive effect and get settled in life before proceeding ahead in love and marriage so as not to antagonise Janaki's parents. He suggest Ramu to concentrate on national basketball championships and Ramu,Janaki agree to his advice.

However they will be in for a shock and to find out more about it enjoy Janaki Ramudu on silver screen.


Mouryani attracted with her looks. She is innocent personified and attracted in traditional attire. She even indulged in glamour treat and without crossing the limits showed what she can do to attract viewers on silver screen. Her expressive looks and features are added advantage to her.

Naveen Sanjay performed well within his limits. He got the height and made good use of it. He danced and enacted stunts quite well. Others like Priyanka,Kiran Kamath, Sudarshan and others performed according to their roles.


Gifton Elias attracts with couple of songs. Introduction song is good and few more got melodious tunes. However too many songs acted as speed breakers. Background score is good. Nagender's editing could have been better especially in the second half.

Anit's cinematography is attractive and it beautified the film. Director could have added novel scenes to increase interest on the film. Production values are adequate.

Plus Points

Mouryani's looks

Romantic flavour

Lead pair's chemistry

Nagarjuna's Adirindi Mama song


BGM, Couple of songs

Minus Points

Routine story

Lack of powerful emotions

Too many songs

Routine climax


Director Tammineedi Sathish Babu tried to attract youth and masses with a love story with rural backdrop. He selected routine story which has love, romance, relations between family members with difference financial status, reluctance in accepting the love etc. First half is full of romantic flavour and director attracts youth with the romantic scenes between lead pair.

Second half turns serious with he including basketball scenes. Story is routine and director attracts a little bit with screenplay and direction. Dialogues are good and it shows his love for love as many dialogues have beautiful poems.

But director over did them and viewers get bored on hearing to so many poems. Pre climax and climax turned routine and it could have been planned in a better manner.

Final Talk

Janaki Ramudu has few romantic, joyful moments.

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