Review: Ninnu Kori
  Banner: DVV Entertainments, Kona Film Corporation

Producer: DVV.Danayya

Director: Shiva Nirvana

Music: Gopi Sunder

Casting: Nani, Niveda Thomas, Aadi Pinisetty, Murali Sharma,Tanikella Bharani, Pruthviraj and others

Rating: 2.5/5.0


Pallavi (Nivetha Thomas) according to the wishes of her father (Murali Sharma) marries Arun (Aadi Pinisetty) and lives happily in USA. However on one fine day, she with the consent of her husband decides to bring home her ex-lover Uma (Nani) to reform him after he turns alcoholic and is on the verge of losing his job in US unable to bear the breakup.

To find out where this triangular love story leads to, enjoy Ninnu Kori on silver screen.


Nani who is known for his natural performances surprises all in a completely different role. Nani sported different looks to take everyone by surprise. He attracted with his expressions and emotions cast a magic spell on one and all. He emoted well as a student, lover, a youngster who suffers breakup, person who try to win his lover back and then sacrificing his love for the well being of his lover. Nani performed the most difficult job with ease and carried the film on his shoulders.

Niveda Thomas is beautiful, glamorous and attracted with her looks and expressive eyes. Aadi too excelled in his role and he attracted with his handsome looks. Murali Sharma came with good expressions and emotions as a father of the girl to elevate the film's scenes to new level. Others like Tanikella Bharani, Pruthviraj, Vidyullekha performed according to their roles. Infact Pruthvi and Vidyullekha's comedy worked out bringing out few laughs.


Gopi Sunder came with melodious tunes and made good impact with the background score. Karthik Ghattamaneni's cinematography is beautiful. Editing of Pravin Pudi could have been better as there are many drags in the film.

Director Shiva Nirvana shouldn't have hurried the climax and instead done away with the drags and come with a powerful climax to make even more better impact. Production values are good.

Plus Points

Nani, Niveda Thomas, Aadi

Murali Sharma

Few comedy scenes



Second half

Minus Points

Lack of commercial elements

Nani's missing histrionics

Routine story



Second half



Shiva Nirvana came with a triangular love story and though viewers have seen this kind of love stories he attracted with his narration. He filled entire film with powerful emotions and got the best expressions from Nani, Murali Sharma and Nivetha Thomas to make powerful and stunning impact on genex movie lovers and youngsters. Shiva Nirvana seems to have been inspired by many yesteryear classics in Tollywood and few hit Bollywood films and scripted a story to connect chords with the movie lovers.

Shiva Nirvana depicted the relations, feelings and thought process between father, daughter, husband, wife and lover in a  beautiful manner. He attracted with his screenplay and direction but should have fastened the pace of the film. The slow pace tested the patience of the movie lovers. But ion the whole Shiva Nirvana on debut came with a film to attract class movie lovers. The story has nothing for the masses and it has to be seen how they receive in B,C centers.

Final Talk

Ninnu Kori has natural and realistic romantic expressions but tests the patience of the movie lovers.

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