Review: Oye Ninne
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Producer: Vamsi Krishna Srinivas

Director: Sathyam Challakoti

Music: Sekhar Chandra

Casting: Bharat Margani, Srushti Dange, Nagineedu, Tulasi, Tanikella Bharani, Satya Akkala, Tagubotu Ramesh, Raghu Babu, Pragati, and others

Rating: 1.75/5.0


Vishnu (Bharat Margani), son of a school principal Sekharam (Nagineedu) who is disinterested in studies right from his childhood decides to become a farmer, much to the shock of their parents. His father always compare him with his cousin Veda (Shrushti), who is brilliant and grows up in his own house. Things get complicated as Vishnu helps daughter of Sekharam's friend Sadanandam (Tanikella Bharani) to elope with her lover and get married.

Vishnu and his friends try to take revenge on Veda as he is getting insulted due to her. In the meantime Sekharam decides to get Veda married according to his wishes to a well educated guy despite her parents (Raghu Babu, Pragati) wish to get her married to Vishnu.

To find out whether Vishnu and Veda share romantic relation or hatred in their hearts, watch Oye Ninne on screen.


Bharat attracted with his sublime and subtle performance. He emoted will in most of the scenes and made good impact. However he can improve more working on his expressions. Shruti Dange performed well and at times looked attractive on screen.

Nagineedu slipped into the role as the honest and tough principal with values. Tanikella Bharani performed his role well. Satya Akkala and Tagubotu Ramesh attracted with their comedy. Others like Tulasi, Raghu Babu and Pragati performed according to their roles.


Sekhar Chandra's music is ok. There are not many songs and those included are situational. His background score made good impact on the viewers. Sai Sriram captured the natural scenic beauty on the screen elevating the scenes.

Marthand K Venkatesh's editing is good in the first half and it could have been better in the second half. Dialogues are good. Director Satyam Challakoti should have added few twists and turns and fastened the pace of the film to get better result. Production values are good.

Plus Points

Bharat, Shruti's chemistry

Emotions, values

Entertaining first half

Tagubotu Ramesh, Satya Akkala's comedy


Background score

Minus Points

Routine Story

Lack of depth in narration

Screenplay, Direction

Slow pace

Lack of commercial elements


Second half


Satyam Challakoti came to entertain with youthful romantic entertainer with values. The first half sails through smoothly with college scenes, few hilarious elements and message through parents. First half ends with decent interval bang, setting the tone for the good second half.

However director missed the plot in the second half deviating from the subject and dragging the scenes with unnecessary elements. Though he got back to the track during the pre climax and climax, routine elements undid the good attempt.

Satyam Challakoti penned good story and script and included some powerful message oriented dialogues both for the youngsters and the elders. However there is nothing novel in the story and this ends up testing the patience of the viewers. Oye Ninne after promising much ,turns out to be just another average entertainer.

Final Talk

Oye Ninne entertains to some extent.

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