Review: Saptagiri LLB
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Producer: Dr.K.Ravi Kirane

Director: Charan Lakkakula

Music: Vijay Bulgan

Casting: Saptagiri, Kashish Vohra, Sai Kumar, Shakalaka Shankar, LB.Sriram, Gollapudi Maruti Rao, Kota Srinivasa Rao, Ravi Kale and others

Rating: 1.75/5.0


Saptagiri (Saptagiri) completes LLB and tries to win cases in his village Punganuru,Chittor district. Though he could win any arguments outside, he fails to win a single case in the court. To get more exposure and win cases and marry his maradalu Chitti (Kashish Vohra),he heads to Hyderabad.

Saptagiri however becomes a laughing stock due to his inexperience but then gains attention of all when he files a PIL in a high profile hit and run case in which the court acquitted the accused for the lack of eye witness. Watch Saptagiri LLB on big screen to find out what Saptagiri found out in the high profile case involving influential celebrities, non cooperative police and reputed lawer Rajpal (Sai Kumar).


Saptagiri performed well in the lead role. He attracted with his screen presence, body language, showing right kind of expressions and emotions. Kashish Vohra on debut gave glamor treat in songs and is confined to that. 

Sai Kumar showed his acting prowess taking the film to another level with his power packed performance as a greedy lawyer. His dialogue delivery, expressions are suberb in all the scenes. Sai Kumar carried the film on his shoulders. 

LB.Sriram, Gollapudi Maruti Rao captivated all with their emotional and sentimental performances. Shakalaka Shankar tried to attract with his humor while Kota Srinivas Rao, Dhanraj, Ravi Kale, Prabhas Seenu and others performed according to their roles.


Vijay Bulgan elevated the scenes with his background score. However at times the BGM went too loud. He gave mass tunes to the songs and though well shot,they acted as speedbrakers. Editing could have been better as there are many drags in the film especially at the start of the first half and in between the second half. Cinematography is good. 

Director Ravi Kirane though made some changes to the original Johnny LLB, one gets a feeling that he at times deviated from the main plot to drag the film bringing the interest levels. He should have added few more twists and turns and showed the court judge in a more matured and dignified manner. Production values are good.

Plus Points


Sai Kumar

Few dialogues




Minus Points

Screenplay, Direction

Sluggish narration



Songs placement

Cinematic liberties


Director Charan decided to score a hit showing packaging Saptagiri's comedy style by adding heroism into it. He decided to remake the Bollywood small hit Jolly LLB. He showed Saptagiri as a inexperienced lawyer from a small village who is at loss while arguing cases in the court. He elevated the character of Saptagiri well showing various transformations as a inexperience lawyer, his reaction when he gets money from the top laywer and realisation of the sinister plot. 

But while doing so, he dragged the entire first half till 20 minutes into the interval. Viewers get interested only when Saptagri comes face to face with the rival lawyer. First half ends with a decent interval twist and second half witnesses the fight between Saptagiri and Sai Kumar in the court room. 

Here director failed to show the real court proceedings, taking too many cinematic liberties and deviating from the topic. He over did the sentiment scenes which will disconnect masses from the film. By showing the judge in two different shades, first as a comedian and second high on temper, he distracted the attention of the viewers. The judgement too adds to the confusion and with the sluggish screenplay and direction, he turned the film into a below average affair. Except for Sai Kumar's performance, few dialogues, Saptagiri here and there, nothing worked out turning it into a halfbaked one.

Final Talk

Saptagiri LLB fails win at the People's Court.

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