Review: Tholi Prema
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Producer: BVSN.Prasad

Director: Venky Atluri

Music: S S Thaman

Casting: Varun Tej, Rashi Khanna, Priyadarshi Pulikonda, Sapna Pabbi, Suhasini Maniratnam, Vidyullekha Raman, Hyper Aadi, Naresh and others

Rating: 2.5/5.0


Aditya (Varun Tej) a youngster who believes that he can do no wrong falls for beautiful girl Varsha (Rashi Khanna) in a train journey. In the turn of events both end up studying in the same Engineering College in Hyderabad and soon Aditya who loves challenges woos Varsha and make her fall in love.

When everything goes smoothly in their love life in the college, they get shock when both part ways and lead their own life. But after six years, Aditya and Varsha meet in their professional life, with Varsha being his superior. To find out more about the twists in their romantic journey, enjoy Tholi Prema on silver screen.


Varun Tej performed his role effortlessly. He showed good ease sporting different looks and expressions elevating the romantic and sentiment scenes. However in some scenes he looked chubby much to the embarrassment of all.

Rashi Khanna who shed weight for her role, sported new look and attracted with her glamor and expressions.

Naresh and Suhasini with their performances elevated the scenes. Priyadarshi, Vidyullekha Raman, Hyper Aadi, Sapna Pabbi attracted with their comedy.


Thaman attracted with his melodious tunes. All the songs are beautifully choreographed and well picturised. He attracted with his background score with elevated the scenes.

George C Williams with his cinematography captured the scenic beauty across the world in a natural manner. Editing of Navin Nuli is OK but could have been better especially in the second half where there are few drags.

Venky Atluri could have added few comedy scenes to lighten the hearts, reduced repeatness and included few commercial elements and twists and turns to make Tholi Prema a complete entertainer for better result.

Dialogues are impressive and thought provoking. Production values are good. The film however ends in an abrupt manner much to the disappointment of all.

Plus Points

Varun Tej's performance

Rashi Khanna's glamour, Performance

Music, BGM




Minus Points

Routine love story

Missing emotions

Lack of commercial elements

Lack of comedy

Repetitive scenes



Director Venky Atluri on debut came with a romantic entertainer to be on the safe side. He attracted the attention of all having Power Star Pawan Kalyan's blockbuster film Tholi Prema as the title for the film.

He starts off the narration in a interesting manner and one remembers Prashant and Simran's romantic entertainer Jodi at the starting. Narration then turns out into a routine love story but few comedy scenes lighten the hearts of the viewers.

Venky Atluri got good results from the lead pair to showcase love, romance, breakup to end the first half. Second half starts off with the emotional scenes when the lovers meet six years after the breakup. Narration sails off smoothly but viewers get bored due to lack of missing thrills with twists and turns. Though there is nothing novel in the love story, Venky Atluri impressed with his screenplay and direction.

However lack of commercial elements and missing entertainment puts away viewers from B,C centres. Youngsters and lovers will love the film as dialogues are effective, thought provoking and impactful.

Final Talk

Tholi Prema's romantic crests and troughs teases youngsters and lovers.

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