Review: Naa Love Story
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Producer: Guttikonda Lakshmi,K.Seshagiri Rao

Director: Siva Gangadhar

Music: Vadanivaan

Casting: Mahidhar, Sonakshi Singh Rawat, Totapalli Madhu, Sivannarayana, Chammak Chanda and others

Rating: 1.0/5.0


Prashanth (Mahidhar), remain jobless after completing his studies. But his doting parents especially father Subramanyam (Totapally Madhu) finally convinces him to get married, explaining him the importance of getting married at the right age. They start looking for matches, but in between, Prashanth meets beautiful girl Nandini (Sonakshi Singh Rawat), who just moves in to his apartments.

After initial misunderstandings and quarrels, the two fall in love and Prashanth's father Subrahmanyam takes the responsibility of convincing Nandini's father Rajagopal Rao (Sivannarayana), a strict person. However another misunderstanding results in a breakup between Prashanth and Nandini.

To find out where their love journey heads to, enjoy Naa Love Story on silver screen.


Mahidhar who played the lead role tried his best to make an impression. He has a long way to go and for that he should improve up on his acting skills.

Sonakshi Singh Rawat indulged in hot glamor treat. She did not get chance to show her acting talent.

Sivannarayana and Totapalli Madhu tried to entertain viewers with their hilarious acts but failed in their mission. Others performed according to their roles.


Veda Nivaan came with familiar and routine tunes. Couple of songs are well shot. Background music is OK. Cinematography of YI.Kiran is good and beautified the film. Nandamuri Hari could have edited the film's content in a crispy manner.

Director Siva Gangadhar should have worked on the story and script before proceeding ahead with the project. Production values are good.

Plus Points

Sonakshi Singh Rawat's glamor treat

Minus Points

Story, Screenplay, Direction

Illogical scenes


Lack of twists and turns



Director Shiva Gangadhar tried to win the hearts of the movie lovers with a romantic entertainer. He starts off on a interesting note, but quickly slips down the nadir with in a split second and from then on he never recovered from the shock. Infact from then on he started giving shocks with his story, screenplay and direction.

What shocked all is director in the quest of highlighting the romance between hero and heroine, sent a message to the society that kissing a girl to teach her a lesson is right. He also sent message to the society and parents, that there is no wrong in girls going out and having pre marital s**, in order to force their parents get them married.

This misogynistic mindset shocked all movie lovers. The entire narration painted heroine on the wrong side and whatever hero's does is right and she should give in, fall in love and even cross her limits even if he sees her through the window or kisses her repeatedly in the nights in the dark. It's a shock that he did not find that it amounts to molestation.

The taste of the director got exposed within few minutes, when he started objectifying heroine Sonakshi Singh Rawat. He concentrated on highlighting her curves in various scenes and increased the glamour content in the songs. In his quest for objectification of the heroine, he lost the entire plot. He failed miserably with his story, screenplay and direction. Director showcasing his pervert and sadistic mindset on screen ended up giving immense torture to movie lovers.

Final Talk

Naa Love Story-Sadism on silver screen.

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