Review: RX 100
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Producer: Ashok Reddy Gummakonda

Director: Ajay Bhupathi

Music: Chetan Bharadwaj

Casting: Karthikeya , Payal Rajput, Rao Ramesh, Ramki and others

Rating: 2.5/5.0


Indu (Payal Rajput), lures handsome youngster Shiva (Karthikeya),an orphan in Atreyapuram. Indu promises Shiva not to reveal their relation to anyone and after few months, she disappears without any trace. Shiva accuses her dad Vishwanatham(Rao Ramesh),village head behind it and police take him to task for troubling Vishwanatham. Daddy (Ramki) who raises Shiva saves him all the time from the clutches of the cops.

To find out the mystery behind Indu's disappearance and the shocking twists in their love story, enjoy RX 100 on silver screen.


Karthikeya attracted with his rugged looks, macho physique and powerful performance. He impressed all with his personality and emoted well showing right kind of expressions and emotions. He flaunted his six pack abs to bowl  not only the heroine but also everyone.

Payal Rajput pierced the hearts of all with her hot looks and expressions. Payal's glamor treat and intense lip locks and intimate scenes gives sleepless nights to everyone. Karthikeya and Payal's chemistry is the highlight in the film.

Rao Ramesh slipped into the role with effortless role. He surprises all showing variations in his expressions and emotions. His dialogues made good impact on everyone. Ramki too performed well making his presence felt. Couple of comedy scenes enacted by others made good impact. Others performed according to their roles.


Chetan Bharadwaj attracted with his music. All the songs are attractive and melodious. Songs are according to the situation and are beautifully shot capturing the imagination of all. Chetan Bharadwaj created good impact with his background score. The scenes are elevated with the background score taking it to another level. Raam beautified the film with his cinematography. The scenic and natural beauty of coastal Andhra is well shot in a beautiful and pleasant manner. Stunts are well choreographed to create good impact.

Praveen's editing is good but he could have done away with few drags which slowed the pace of the film. Director Ajay Bhupati should have added few more interesting twists and turns and also lessened the drags which could have made a bigger impact. Production values are good.

Plus Points

Karthikeya's powerful performance

Payal Rajput's glamor and bold scenes

Lead pair's chemistry

Rao Ramesh, Ramki's performances

Music, BGM


Few dialogues

Screenplay, Direction

Few twists

Minus Points

Routine story

Bold scenes

Extreme violence


Few drags


Ajay Bhupathi came with an intense love story and he started off at good pace. Though the intensity never dipped first half turned routine with no real twists. Narration progresses at a smooth pace and first half ends with interesting interval block.

The intense romantic scenes and lip locks between Karthikeya and Payal Rajput are the highlights in the first half along with the rivalry between Rao Ramesh and Ramki.

Second half starts with the same intensity but few scenes repeat to drag the film. But those are very few and in between and when movie lovers gear up for the routine climax, he shocks with a powerful and unexpected twist. This forms the highlight in the entire film and the ending makes everyone thought provoking and leave with a heavy heart.

Though Ajay Bhupati came with a routine story, he attracted with his screenplay and direction. But unexpected twist, bold scenes and extreme violence may not appeal to everyone. Genex movie lovers will love the intense love story and the intimate scenes.

Final Talk

RX 100's intense love story creates powerful intensity.

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