Review: Vijetha
  Banner: Varahi Chalana Chitram

Producer: Sai Korrapati

Director: Rakesh Sashi

Music: Harshavardhan Rameshwar

Casting: Kalyan Dhev, Malavika Nair, Murali Sharma, Pruthvi, Jayaprakash, Bhadram, Mahesh Achanta, Nassar, Pragathi, Satyam Rajesh, Noel Sean, Kireeti Dammaraju and others

Rating: 1.5/5.0


Ram (Kalyan Dhev), becomes a careless youngster pampered by his doting dad Srinivasa Rao (Murali Sharma) who goes to any extent to make him happy. Ram passes time loitering on roads with his friends and when he happens to meet a beautiful girl Jaitra (Malavika Sharma), he tries to woo her.

However he gets shock due to some unexpected happenings in his life and from then on he ends up struggling. To find out the shocking happenings and struggles in his life and how he achieves success thereafter against all odds, watch Vijetha on silver screen.


Kalyan Dhev, son in law of Mega Star Chiranjeevi on his debut worked hard and tried to attract movie lovers with his performance and screen presence. However he failed in all aspects despite undergoing training under renowned trainer like Satyanand and his film institute.

Forget about the looks which he do not have to qualify as a Tollywood hero, he failed to get the right kind of expressions and emotions. Filmmakers had lot of difficulty in trying to protect him from the limelight of the critics and movie lovers by always including him in shots along with his friends or family members. There are very few shots in which he was present all alone.

Malavika Nair is homely in her looks and got very limited role to show her acting skills. Murali Sharma attracted with his performance as a doting dad with his screen presence. He made a good impact with his expressions and emotions especially in the climax. Tanikella Bharani and Nassar performed well according to their roles.

Prudhvi, Satyam Rajesh, Bhadram's comedy did not evoke much laughter. Others like Pragathi, Jaya Prakash, Kireeti, Adarsh Balakrishna performed according to their roles.


Harshwardhan Rameshwar's background music failed to make any impact. In fact it turned out to be jarring and loud. His music turned out to be just average. Cinematography of Senthil Kumar is attractive. His hard work is seen as he covered all the flaws and drawbacks of Kalyan Dhev.

Editing of Karthika Srinivas could have been better as there are many drags in the film. Rakesh Shashi should have worked on the story and script and included interesting twists and turns to attract genex movie lovers. Production values are good.

Plus Points

Murali Sharma's expressions and emotions


Minus Points

Kalyan Dhev

Routine story

Screenplay, Direction


Slow pace

Music, BGM

Cliched scenes, dragged narration

Lack of twists and turns


Rakesh Shashi who got the golden chance to launch Mega Star Chiranjeevi's son in law Kalyan Dhev, came with a routine entertainer. Expectations reached stars when the film was titled as Vijetha, after Mega Star Chiranjeevi's yesteryear blockbuster. However this film comes nowhere near it.

Right from the start till the finish, the film tests the patience of the movie lovers with routine scenes, unimpressive dialogues and cinematic templates. Kalyan Dhev's expressions, dialogue delivery and body language killed whatever little interest viewers had in the film. Though Murali Sharma with his performance saved it from sinking, it still required a lot from the director.

However the director failed with his story, screenplay and direction. Though the director's point that children should ensure their parents realize their childhood dreams and make them happy is good, he failed in his execution to show it in an impactful and appealing manner.

The film lacked strong story, powerful performances, technical standards to create an impact at the box office. Vijetha missed the wow factor and fell flat at the box office.

Final Talk

Vijetha misses the wow factor.

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