Review: Chinna Babu
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Producer: Surya

Director: Pandiraj

Music: D.Imman

Casting: Karthi, Sayesha Saigal, Satyaraj, Bhanupriya, Soori and others

Rating: 2.25/5.0


Rudraraju (Satyaraj) longs for a son and is finally blessed with Krishnam Raju (Karthi) after the birth of five daughters. Despite the family differences and misunderstandings, Rudraju wishes his family to be intact and takes a promise from his son to keep all the family members happy.

Krishnam Raju, who stops education and turns farmer falls in love with Neela Neerada (Sayesha Saigal). However even as love is blossoming between them, various incidents bring trouble in their life and Rudraju's family is on the verge of vertical split. To find out the reason behind it and how Krishnam Raju solves them, watch Chinna Babu on silver screen.


Karthi attracted with his looks and mannerisms in the film. He as a farmer slipped into the role effortlessly. Clad in lungi he showed the right kind of expressions and emotions. Not only he excelled in romantic scenes but also showed his power in stunts and sentiment scenes.

Satyaraj as a person who longs for a boy child, performed well elevating the scenes with his screen presence. He emoted well in important scenes showering love on his son and his family members. His dilemma deciding on his son's marriage and keeping his family members together touched the hearts of all.

Sayesha Saigal is attractive as a traditional village girl. She got limited chance to showcase are talent. Soori attracted with his comedy. Bhanu Priya did well and so too the other cast most of them are Tamil actors unknown to Telugu movie lovers. Surya thrills all making a special appearance.


Imman's music is below average. None of the songs are attractive. He however attracted with his background score. Velraj's with his cinematography captured the scenic beauty and village atmosphere in a realistic manner. His cinematography elevated the scenes. Ruben's editing could have been better as there are many drags in the film.

Director Pandiraj though highlighted the village atmosphere and the importance of joint family, however should have thrown more light on farmers issues rather than few references to make maximum impact. Production values are good.

Plus Points

Karthi and Satyaraj's performance

Family values, sentiments

Few comedy and action scenes



Minus Points

Routine narration


Overdose of emotions


Tamil flavor


Pandiraj known for his realistic and thought provoking films, came with a powerful family entertainer in the village backdrop. He tried to send message to the society on the importance of farmers. To some extent he succeed in his attempt but most of the scenes turned routine and lacked novelty.

Despite this he kept viewers glued to the screen with romance, action, family elements along with natural and realistic comedy scenes. While the first half progresses in a smooth manner and ends with good interval bang, second half drags a bit towards the climax, with heavy dose of sentiments. Couple of dialogues are good but overdose of Tamil flavor and actors turning loud and going overboard, irritated the viewers to some extent.

Pandiraj attracted with his screenplay and direction and had he included few more twists and turns along with highlighting the issues of the farmers, he would have created a bigger impact. The film will attract viewers in B,C centers and may appeal to family viewers to some extent.

Final Talk

Chinna Babu turns Sentiment Babu.

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