Review: Brand Babu
  Banner: Shree Shailendra Productions

Producer: Shailendra Babu

Director: Prabhakar.P

Music: JB

Casting: Sumanth Shailendra, Eesha Rebba, Murli Sharma, Nalini and others

Rating: 1.0/5.0


Diamond (Sumanth Shailendra), son of Diamond Group of companies MD (Murli Sharma), along with his family members is obsessed with brands. He hates to think beyond brands even in his dreams. Finally Diamond aka Brand Babu, decides to get married and goes in search of a girl who has high brand value (influential family, uses branded items) so that his brand value increases.

When he gets a message from a girl, Radha (Esha Rebba), he is delighted that he got a love message from the daughter of Home Minister. Encouraged by her messages and even by his father, he woos her and finally expresses his love and wish to marry her in a grand manner.

However just as he was about to get married, he gets a huge shock with rocks the relationship of the families of Diamond and Eshaa. To find out more about it, enjoy Brand Babu on silver screen. 


None of the performances are worth talking about. Debutante Sumanth Shailendra failed miserably in his first outing. He failed to come with any noteworthy expressions. He faced the camera with only one expression and though the director tried to make up for his shortcomings by casting him only in groups, his negatives are glaringly visible.

Esha Rebba got a clichéd role with no self respect and despite her looks and talent, she got very little to perform and express except come with a singular expression.

The comedy of Satyam Rajesh and others failed to attract movie lovers.  Murali Sharma and others went overboard with their performances testing the patience of the viewers.


JB’s music is pretty ordinary. None of the tunes get registered in the minds of the viewers. The songs are well shot in a beautiful manner. Background score is in sync with the story. Cinematography of Karthik Palani is good and captured the beauty of the nature accordingly. SB.Uddhav’s editing left a lot to be desired. There are many drags in the film. However one cannot find fault with him because had he used the scissors, there wouldn’t have been a single scene left in the film.

Director Prabhakar should have worked on the story and the script before proceeding ahead with the project. Maruthi brand is missing completely and many are left to wonder whether Maruthi’s obsession with deficiencies in the heroes reached peaks and now this madness instead of entertaining movie lovers , now started torturing them to the core. Production values are good. 

Plus Points


Cinematography to some extent

BGM at time

Minus Points


Story, Screenplay, Direction


Listless narration

Spineless dialogues

Over the board performances


Prabhakar tried to attract movie lovers and score a hit by following Maruthi brand of showing the short coming of a hero and increase entertaining content in the film surrounding it. However Prabhakar guided by Maruthi failed completely in his attempt.

Maruthi who attracted with his previous ventures, however ran out of ideas and in his quest to highlight hero’s obsession with brands, ignored other aspects of the filmmaking which resulted in everything going for a toss.

Right from the start to finish, the film failed miserably with routine and listless story. There is not a single scene worth talking about and many wonder how either Maruthi or Prabhakar could have thought about this weird and brainless idea of obsession with brands. The romantic feel is missing and so is the entire soul of the film. He failed miserably with the story, screenplay and direction. Over all it is a miserable and forgettable outing for the entire cast and crew.

Final Talk

Brand Babu scares turning Brand Bhootam.

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