Review: Chi La Sow
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Producer: Nagarjuna

Director: Rahul Ravindran

Music: Prashanth R Vihari

Casting: Sushanth, Ruhani Sharma,Vennela Kishore,Vidyullekha, Jaya Prakash,Sanjay Swaroop and others

Rating: 2.25/5.0


Arjun (Sushanth) enjoys his bachelorhood and dreams of being the one for his life time but his parents and friends pester him to get married. Arjun tries to postpone it saying that he isn’t interested in getting married for five years as he has some wishes to realize. His mother however forces him to meet a girl Anjali (Ruhani Sharma), alone in the house.

However Arjun and Anjali’s meet results in some shocking developments. To find out those shocking developments, watch Chi La Sow on silver screen.


Sushanth put in a lot of efforts and his hardwork is seen on the screen. He played the role of a youngster who is not keen to get married and take the responsibilities and at the same time when faced with the situation ,he shouldered the responsibilities in a cool and composed manner. He attracted with his screen presence, expressions and emotions. However he still has a long way to go and if he works on his expressions and emotions, he can reach the next level of stardom.

Ruhani Sharma on debut did a commendable job and stole the hearts of all with her expressions and emotions. She slipped into the role of a middle class girl shouldering the responsibilities of her family, dealing with her bipolar mother and her younger sister all alone. She attracted with her screen presence and showed variations exhibiting her feelings accordingly.

Vennela Kishore attracted with his comedy to some extent. Anu Haasan and Sanjay Swaroop did well in the roles of Arjun’s parents. At times Anu turned out to be loud. Rohini performed well as Anjali’s mother. Others like Vidyullekha, Jaya Prakash performed according to their roles.


Prashant Vihari’s music is good. However couple of songs acted as speed breakers. He however elevated the scenes with his background music. Sukumar with his cinematography beautified the film taking it to another level capturing the scenic locations in an attractive manner.

Editing of Chota K Prasad is good but could have been better in the second half as there a few drags in the film. Director Rahul Ravindran could have added few more twists and turns in the film to generate more interest in the film. Production values are good.

Plus Points


Screenplay, Direction

Sushanth, Ruhani’s performances



Minus Points


Slow pace


Cinematic liberties

Repetitive scenes

Lack of commercial elements


Rahul Ravindran who made his debut as a director with this film, decided to entertain movie lovers with a realistic love story. He took his sweet time establishing the characteristics and personalities of the lead pair in the first half. First half ends on a interesting note setting the stage for an interesting second half.

However the narration drifts in the second half, but Rahul brings it back on track just in nick of time to save the film from the second half blushes. He came with a good idea to highlight the dreams and responsibilities of a middle class girl and the confusion of a youngster who aspires to be bachelor throughout his life drawing inspiration from Salman Khan and Hanuman.

First half completes with no real twists, except for the alliance. Plot unravels in the second half and Rahul attracted with his screenplay and direction. In the middle of the second half, narration goes for a toss and so is the screenplay. The cinematic liberties like a girl going all alone to meet a stranger is completely unconvincing. However the climax increased the interest levels but the ending turned out to be routine after all the interest generated. The film attracts genex movie lovers and multiplex viewers to some extent if they have the patience to bear the slow pace. B,C centres however will find it difficult to undergo the pain without any commercial elements to entertain them.

Final Talk

Chi La Sow attracts but tests patience with romantic indecisiveness.

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