Review: Goodachari
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Producer: Abhishek Nama,TG.Viswha Prasad,Abhishek Agarwal

Director: Sashikiran Tikka

Music: Sricharan Pakala

Casting: Adivi Sesh ,Sobhita Dhulipala,Prakash Raj,Madhu Shalini,Supriya Yarlagadda,Jagapathy Babu,Vennela Kishore,Anish Kuruvilla,Rakesh Varre and others

Rating: 2.5/5.0


Gopi alias Arjun (Adivi Sesh) tries to emulate his dad and by joining the nation’s security agencies much against the wishes of Satya (Prakash Raj). Without his knowledge he applies more than 170 times to security agencies but gets rejected. Finally he gets a call after he manipulates his disclosures and background details.  Security Services head Chari (Anish Kuruvilla) reveals about Trinetra wing (which runs with the motto of infiltrate, investigate and inform) of the agencies with the likes of Nadira (Supriya Yarlagadda) and others like (Vennela Kishore) to the new recruits Arjun, Leena (Madhu Shalini) and others.

Arjun struggles to balance his training and also with his lady love Sameera (Shobhita Dhulipala). Even before he and his team could realize, they will be in for a deadly shock. Arjun finds himself on the run as he was framed and in the process he unravels shocking truth about Lt Raghuveer and dreaded terrorist Rana of Al Muzahidin.

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Adivi Sesh slipped into the role effortlessly. He showed the right kind of emotions and expressions as a youngster who dreams of emulating his dad by serving the nation. He as a spy came with perfect body language.

Shobitha Dhulipala got limited role and she oozed with glamour in the film. Surpiya Yarlagadda surprises all with her performance as a intelligence officer. Prakash Raj played his role to perfection and Anish Kuruvilla and Vennela Kishore too did well.

Shalini is adequate for her role. However the surprise pack is Jagapathi Babu who stuns all with his performance. Movie lovers will be thrilled to see him perform in a surprise powerful role.


Sricharan Pakala’s music failed to attract viewers. In fact the songs acted as speed breakers. However he made a stunning impact with his background score. He took the viewers into the soul of the film with his background music. Shaniel Deo attracted with his cinematography. Shaniel’s cinematography took the film to another level.

Editing is good however could have been better as the training scenes and romantic episodes slowed the pace of the film. The climax  and stunts could have been shot in a even better manner. Director Shashikiran Tikka could have included few more twists and turns and trimmed the training to create even bigger impact. Production values are good.

Plus Points

Adivi Sesh

Twists and Turns

Interval Bang



Minus Points

Few drags

Songs placement

Repetitive scenes

Slow pace

Training , Romantic episodes

Simple action scenes


Shashikiran Tikka on debut decided to attract movie lovers with a spy thriller. The film starts off on a interesting note, loses steam a little bit in the middle and picks up pace with a perfect interval bang. First half sets the stage for an interesting second half, with interesting narration. First half is good except for the drags due to over stretched training scenes, romantic and emotional scenes.

Second half starts from where it left and shocking twists and turns increase the interest of the movie lovers. However for all the interesting turn of events, the plot turns too personal between the Al Mujahidin terrorists and the security agencies. Even the stunts looked just normal with terrorist leader and the intelligence officer shooting straight ,left or right. The stunts could have been choreographed in a even better manner to create maximum impact and increase the thrill in the film.

Shashikiran Tikka attracted with his story, screenplay and direction. Had he reduced the training session scenes, romantic scenes and included few more twists and turns about national security, the impact would have been even powerful. The film may attract people who love spy thrillers but may not appeal to B,C centers. Even those who watch Hollywood spy thrillers regularly will not find anything interesting in it.

Final Talk

Goodachari’s twists and turns attracts but still misses the wow factor.

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