Review: Srinivasa Kalyanam
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Producer: Dil Raju,Sirish,Lakshman

Director: Satish Vegesna

Music: Mickey J Meyer

Casting: Nitin, Rashi Khanna, Prakash Raj,Nandita Swetha, Annapurna, Ajay, Rajendra Prasad, Mahesh Achanta,Satyam Rajesh,Naresh,Sitara,Vidyullekha Raman, Pammi Sai,Jayasudha, Hemant, Aamani and others

Rating: 2.0/5.0


Srinivas (Nitin), a youngster from Sakinetipally grows up with his grandmother (Jayasudha) telling him the importance of marriage. He dreams of getting married in a similar manner valuing the rich traditions and marriage rituals. Though his maradalu Padmavathi (Nandita Swetha) loves him in her heart, she waits for the right moment to express her love.

In the meantime Srinivas who was working in Chandigarh, gets attracted to Sridevi (Rashi Khanna), daughter of RK Group of Industries, RK(Prakash Raj),who values time and behaves as a true businessman. When Srinivas express his desire to marry his daughter Sridevi, RK agrees but comes with a shocker.

To find out the shocking twists and turns, enjoy Srinivasa Kalyanam on silver screen.


Nitin performed his role accordingly. He tried his best to attract viewers with his mannerisms and dialogues. However he failed to create maximum impact during emotional scenes.

Rashi Khanna attracted with her looks and is OK with her performance. She too paled and did not get the right expressions in the climax. However their chemistry is good on screen.

Prakash Raj performed well in the role tailor made for him. There is nothing much for him to work hard in his role and he just passed through the motions. Nandita Swetha’s role has nothing much to do and she performed well.

There are many senior stars in the film like Jayasudha, Rajendra Prasad, Sr Naresh, Sitara, Amani etc and comedians like Vidyullekha, Satyam Rajesh,Hariteja,Praveen and others. They just performed their roles mechanically by filling up the characters.


Mickey J Meyer’s tunes and songs do not make any impact. They are not attractive  and fail to register in the minds of the viewers. However he attracted with his background score.

Madhu’s editing could have been far better as there are many drags in the film right from the start. Sameer Reddy attracted with his cinematography capturing the natural locations and then beautifying it with rich visuals.

Director Satish Vegesna stuck to the routine story and he could have added few twists and turns and entertaining elements to attract genex movie lovers. Production values are good.

Plus Points


Importance of Marriage

Few Dialogues


Minus Points

Preachy Dialogues

Slow Pace

Routine Narration


Missing Emotions

Weak Story



Satish Vegesna tried to attract viewers with a romantic family entertainer highlighting the importance of marriage. However in his quest to highlight the importance of marriage, rituals and mantras, he completely lost the soul of the film.

Right from the start to finish, he with the lead character and grandmother role, harps on the importance of marriage. This becomes so repetitive that after a point, viewers try to run out of the theaters opening the exit doors. The romantic track do not attract anyone and comedy failed to click. The first half ends in a routine manner and from second half, it is just a marriage serial on big screen.

The film failed to connect with the genex movie lovers and even the family viewers and elders find it hard to digest continuous preaching of the importance of marriage. Satish Vegesna’s story is extremely routine and his screenplay and direction did not  have anything new to offer.

The film has numerous actors and Satish Vegesna failed to use any one of them to the optimum. Dialogues are good at times but overall they are just ordinary. Even the main characters in the film fail to connect chords with the viewers either with their expressions and emotions and all the scenes appear on screen in an artificial manner without any real intent but only to preach..preach and preach.

The message about importance of marriage, rituals, traditions, mantras and family values are loud and clear, so much so that B,C centers and even genex movie lovers along with few family viewers find it hard to digest due to lack of entertaining elements.

Final Talk

Srinivasa Kalyanam tests the patience of movie lovers.

Telugu Review

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