Review: Vishwaroopam 2
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Producer: Chandra Haasan, Kamal Haasan

Director: Kamal Haasan

Music: Gibhran

Casting: Kamal Haasan, Rahul Bose, Pooja Kumar, Andrea Jeremiah, Sekhar Kapoor, Waheeda Rahman and others

Rating: 2.0/5.0


FBI releases Vishwanath (Kamal Haasan) after Prime Minister of India and Indian Embassy reveals his true identity as Major Wisam Ahmad Kashmiri. He was then sent on a mission to infiltrate terrorist groups and eliminate dreaded terrorist Omar Qureshi (Rahul Bose).

To find out  whether Major Kashmiri emerged successful in his mission and what role his wife Nirupama (Pooja Kumar), client Ashmita (Andrea Jeremiah), Colonel Jagannath (Sekhar Kapoor) they play, watch Vishwaroopam 2 on screen.


Kamal Haasan as usual came with stellar performance. He attracted with his screen presence and with his expressions and emotions. He carried himself with grace and his body language is perfect. He surprised all with his energy and attracted with his stunts and power packed action. He carried out from where he left in Vishwaroopam and it is a delight to watch him on screen.

Pooja Kumar attracted with her red hot looks while Andrea Jeremiah complimented Kamal with her performance and daring stunts. Waheeda Rahman performed well and Rahul Bose, Jaideep Ahlawat scared all with their presence as villains.

Sekhar Kapoor and Nassar got limited scope to perform. Others performed according to their roles.


Gibhran’s music is just ordinary. However his background score is powerful and elevated the scenes to another level. Cinematography is top class with Sam Verghese capturing the natural locations in foreign in a beautiful manner. Mahesh Narayan’s editing could have better through out the film as there are many drags in the film.

Kamal Haasan though included many twists and turns, however ended up confusing movie lovers. He should have worked on the screenplay and narration to make the film more interesting. More entertaining elements would have done the trick. Production values are good.

Plus Points

Kamal Haasan



Few Dialogues

Action Scenes

Minus Points

Slow Pace


Confusing Scenes

Moving from past to present


Kamal Haasan continued from where he left in Vishwaroopam. He tried to unravel the mystery behind his role Kashmiri and how he turned spy and foiled many terror attacks infiltrating various dreaded terror networks across the world. But as the second part released after more than five years, people are completely lost as they couldn’t make head or tail of the proceedings.

Even Kamal confused the viewers by swinging to and fro, traveling from past to present and vice versa in the narration. Many are left to wonder breaking their heads what’s happening on the screen. The slow pace in narration, lack of interesting twists and confused and uninspiring screenplay, spoiled the script completely.

Kamal for all his talent ended neither here nor there as the film starts off on a interesting note, despite the confusion, ends up with an interesting interval bang.

However it starts off once again in another confusion with complete lack of connect and the climax is confused and clichéd. Had Kamal taken care of some minute things, the result would have been different for his dream project.

Final Talk

Vishwaroopam 2 fails to wow. Pale comparison of Vishwaroopam 1.

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