Review: 4 Letters
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Producers: Dommaraju Hemalatha and Dommaraju Udaya Kumar

Director: R Raghuraj

Music: Bheems Ceciroleo

Cast: Eswar, Anketa Maharana, Dhanraj, Suresh, Tuya Chakraborty, Posani Krishna Murali, Mahesh Vitta, Vidyullekha Raman, Kousalya, Venu, Krishna Bhagavan and others

Rating: 1.5/5.0


Rich kid Ajay Varma (Eshwar) is an engineering student. His parents ( Suresh, Satya Krishnan), especially father wish him to be top ten businessman and encourages him to spend lavishly and lead a luxurious life. He wishes to get his son married to a rich girl from corporate family so that she can take care of his business.

However Ajay gets attracted for Anjali (Tuya Chakraborthy), daughter of a divorcee. Her mother asks her to stay away from rich persons but use them to realize her goal to win national violin competition. They breakup due to disapproval from their elders and move on.

Ajay fall in love with hot middle class girl Anupama (Anketa Maharana), a fashion designer. She expresses her love taking Ajay for a poor guy. When everything goes smoothly and both decide to get married, Anjali prodded by her parents who realize their mistake, comes back to Ajay.

To find out the developments in the romantic love life of Ajay, Anjali and Anupama, enjoy 4 Letters on silver screen.


There is nothing to talk about performances. While debutante Eashwar came only to see himself at least once on screen, heroines Anketa Maharana and Tuya Chakraborthy showed more interest in skin shows rather than showcase their acting talent.

Though Eswar tried to attract movie lovers with his hard work, he did not have the looks to be a hero and even his dialogue delivery and body language did not inspire any confidence.

Tuya Chakraborthy tempted all increasing temperatures with red hot bikinis, while Anketha Maharana went one step ahead with her intense lip locks and turning wet in bikinis in water.

Others like Dhanraj, Suresh, Posani Krishna Murali, Suresh, Mahesh Vitta, Vidyullekha Raman, Kousalya,Venu, Krishna Bhagavan and others got forgettable roles.


Bheems Ciceroleo's music has nothing new. He came with the same routine mass beats and foot tapping tunes. Couple of songs are well shot and well choreographed. However all the songs acted as speed breakers. BGM is just ok and nothing to brag about.

Cinematography captured the scenic locations and elevated the film. Editing is below par and could have been far better. But had the editor used his scissors, there wouldn't have been any film.

Director Raghuraj should have toned down his obscene tenor and concentrated on story, screenplay and direction for better results. Production values are good.

Plus Points


Tuya Chakraborthy, Anketa Maharana's lip locks, bikini blasts

Cinematography to some extent

Minus Points


Story, Screenplay, Direction

Vulgar dialogues


Music, BGM


Raghuraj tried to attract genex movie lovers with youthful romantic entertainer with adult content. He tried to draw inspiration from Arjun Reddy, RX 100 etc to gain the attention of the youngsters.

He emerged successful in attracting the attention with the first look, trailer and teaser which showed heroines in hot and revealing outfits. However he failed to come with even one interesting scene, dialogue, twists and turns to generate interest among the movie lovers.

Right from the start to finish, story and narration takes the backseat as the director concentrated on attracting with cheap, vulgar, obscene and double meaning dialogues, intimate and lip lock scenes and skin shows. He failed miserably with his screenplay and direction.

Nothing interests the viewers as the narration lacked logic, sentiments and emotions. Though the film is a love story, he failed to justify even one single scene about why hero, heroines fall in love or breakup and why their parents encourage or discourage them in love and marriage.

B, C Centres may enjoy lip locks and intimate scenes but even they will not approve the director and the filmmakers promote lack of values in the film.

Final Talk

4 Letters - Low on values and high on Obscene, Vulgar Letters.

Telugu Review


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