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Kurnool MLC by-poll on Jan. 12
The Election Commission of Indian today announced the schedule for bye-election for Kurnool Local Authorities' Constituency
 [3 hrs ago]
Maddelavcheruvu Suri's wife meets Jagan anna!!
Slain factionist leader and Maddelacheruvu Suri's surviving wife Gangula Bhanumathi earlier expressed confidence of joining
 [6 hrs ago]
Sadist husband Rajesh wants to prove masculinity
In the case of Sadist husband Rajesh who assaulted his newly wed wife and alleged that she raked her tempers questioning
 [7 hrs ago]
TDP finalized MLA and MP tickets to Jana Sena?
Jana Sena Chief Pawan Kalyan's whirlwind first phase of his tour ended. The actor's meetings have left people in confusion
 [7 hrs ago]
We're trusting CBN: Mudragada!
Kapu reservations activist Mudragada Padmanabham said that by announcing 5% reservations to kapus and by joining them
 [13 hrs ago]
Caste group trolling Pawan on Whatsapp!
Janasena Chief Pawan Kalyan's recent remarks hinted that he's an admirer of the TDP and Chandrababu Naidu may have
 [1 day ago]
Ganta face heat of Beauty pageant!
Women activists from various welfare organisations are protesting against the Miss Vizag pageant, ever since the auditions
 [2 day ago]
Lokesh training in 'how to do corruption'
YSR Congress MP Vijaya Sai Reddy said that CM Chandrababu is giving training to his son on how to do corruption.
 [2 day ago]
Jagan's wife and girl come to meet him at Yatra
Opposition leader YS Jagan has been marching ahead in the Praja Sankalpa Yatra and he crossed 400 km milestone during
 [2 day ago]
Vote for CBN, its my responsibility asks the actor
YSRCP Chief Jaganmohan Reddy said that Chandrababu knows people won't trust him anymore and will again bring another
 [2 day ago]
Undavalli has evidences!
Congress leader Undavalli Arun Kumar alleged huge corruption in the Polavaram Project. The veteran MP and Congress
 [3 day ago]
Power Star makes sensational announcement
Power Star Pawan Kalyan who traveled in to boats balancing both
 [3 day ago]
Sangareddy youth bathe CBN portrait with milk
While the TDP was losing its sheen in the Telangana State day after day, but unexpectedly, TDP supremo and 
 [4 day ago]
Congress, YSRCP creating confusion on Polavaram
A P chief minister N Chandrababu Naidu today held a tele conference with public representatives and officials on the progress
 [4 day ago]
No one shaved my head; I did it myself!
This is a revelation from Pawan Kalyan. The actor had put a full stop to the variety of trolls and stories about his head
 [4 day ago]
Why wont Pawan question on student suicides?
It was indeed a praiseworthy gesture by Jana Sena Chief Pawan Kalyan to visit family of DCI employee Venkatesh
 [4 day ago]
Meanwhile Lokesh Nara declares assets!
AP IT Minister Lokesh Nara declared family assets once again. According to this CBN has assets worth 4 crores and has debts
 [4 day ago]
Roja's satire to Pawan's remarks!
YSRCP Firebrand MLA Roja gave a strong counter to Pawan Kalyan on the latter's remarks on dynasty politics.
 [5 day ago]
Pawan takes down on ABN Radhakrishna!
After taking down on opposition leader Jaganmohan Reddy Jana Sena Chief Pawan gave strong counter to ABN Radha Krishna
 [5 day ago]
"Is Pawan role model in marriage?"
Opposition YSR Congress Party posted some questions targeting Jana Sena Chief Pawan Kalyan. The party official representative
 [5 day ago]
WTC only aimed at boosting KCR's image
Mutton soup exposes Telangana woman's chilling crime
New York bombing suspect warned Trump on Facebook
24-hr power: KCR urges farmers to remove auto starters
Kurnool MLC by-poll on Jan. 12
Uma, her son Sandeep ready to jump into car
Gayle smashes T20 records in BPL final
Women detail s3xual allegations against Trump
Industrialist Anil Reddy joins BJP
Students intensify stir at CBIT College, caned by police
KTR moots Monorail in IT Corridor
Nakrekal MLA defends remarks against DCCB CEO
BCCI lifts ban on RCA
Indian schoolgirl drowns in Australia
Cong has lust for power only, but TRS thirsty to develop TS
BJP will sweep polls in 2019
Ganta face heat of Beauty pageant!
Congress using Gandhiji sentiment!
Wife given talak after she took part in NaMo rally!
Robbery in smart way at Lalitha Jewelers!
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