CBN - A Distracted Gambit
“Rhetoric of promises are great ploys to fool people, they would hardly help build the nations, but the political carriers”

“You can change the sheets, but not the lover who is on them”, declares, “Hate Story-IV”, the just released Bollywood movie.

This is what exactly, Chandra Babu Naidu appeared to have done  in the narrative of ‘Political Hate Story-II” that is being unfolding between him and Narendra Modi. ( Hate Story-II because, this is not the first time Chandra Babu Naidu walked out on Modi).

While he pulled out his two minsters from Modi’s cabinet, he continues to be a partner in the NDA, thus, he just changed the sheets, but not the lover, at least, for time being.

One needs no rocket science to know what exactly Chandra Babu Naidu is scripting for his “Politcal Hate Story-II”.

Pushed into corner by YS Jagan, another disparate political character in the developing Hate Story between Modi and him, who has made the SCS issue an emotive one and subtly controlling the political winds, Chandra Babu Naidu, in a desperate gambit, positioning himself as the victim of Modi’s apathy in fulfilling the promises made by him to the people of AP.

He is quick enough to understand that entire Andhra Pradesh has been perceiving BJP’s stand on SCS as a betrayal to it.

He had no option in the face of growing sentiment of the people on SCS. He wanted to avoid being targeted alongside Modi who had seen as betraying the people of Andhra

He had, in fact, was looking for safe option and was looking for a flashpoint to pull out on Modi lock, stock, barrel.

He had to move fast, but with caution in the face of Modi’s cold shoulder and his overtures to YS Jagan.

Chandra Babu Naidu, the kingmaker once he was, is now finding himself in a tight spot which was suffocating him.

He is trying to create a new narrative for himself and he cannot let any negativity on his failure to get SCS derail his dreams.

By changing the sheets and the Lover who is on them in the due course, just ahead of the next elections, he would be able to rid of himself of the blame that he failed to influence Modi to accord SCS to the state and throw the mud on Modi.

The reason behind scripting the latest Political Hate Story, by Chandra Babu Naidu, regardless of SCS issue, in fact , stems from his own political insecurity and SCS .

Given the all-round decimation of the regional parties and Modi’s ambitious and relentless expansion plans, he fears that a resurgent Modi may relegate him to an extreme marginalized position which does not align with his once usual political clout and certain grandiosity that literally intimated friends and foes alike.

Sensing the Modi-Shah duo’s overtures to YS Jagan, he is shrewd enough to understand that both of them have a political plan without him and their moves to ditch him.

Having said the above, what is the next scene in the Political Hate Story-II?

He is still not changed his lover, only the sheets, even though a patch up with the lover out of the question, at least not before 2019.

The immediate task of the Hate story is to make a villain out of the lover (Modi).

What he succeeded in changing the sheets( withdrawing his two ministers from the union cabinet) is to make sure that he and not YS Jagan came out as protector of Andhra interests and most importantly ensured that YS Jagan could not think of cozying up with Modi.

By scripting the latest plot, he seeks to transfer the blame to Modi for his poor showing especially in building a la Singapore like capital in Amaravati, the fantasy he successfully sold to the people, an oxygen on which he so far breathed.

In the last elections he played “Andhra Sentiment” to the maximum by projecting the Congress as the villain.

He is now getting ready to repeat the same plot, this time, by training his guns on Modi.

Will the people of AP buy his latest Hate Story and its narrative on how Telugu Pride was disrespected by Modi?

It is now remains to be seen how the plot of the Hate Story-II twists and takes turns , while his electoral success depends on how well will Chandra Babu Naidu mange to explain his Hate Story to the people.

But, for now, only the sheets have been changed and not the lover.

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