The Strange Bedfellows
Amaravati: “Two Sharp swords cannot be in one sheath” 

Never one would have thought that someone would make efforts to disprove the above saying.

Yes, this time-tested saying is all set to be disproved by the leadership of the TDP and the Congress, the two ideological arch rivals, when they formally announce political courtship to take on KCR led TRS in Telangana.

For some strange reasons the state of Telangana is witnessing a bizarre socio-political activities.

On one side, the Telangana people are grieving the death of around 60 people in Kondagattu bus accident, most of them belong to subaltern sections.

On the other, unmindful of the tragic incident of grave order, the political parties are engaged in evolving electoral strategies and encouraging defections of “Aya Rams and Gaya Rams”, to outwit each other.

None of the political parties, including the ruling TRS felt that the tragic incident deserved a status of three day state mourning.

Amidst the cries of the families of those killed in the accident and the noise of celebrations of joining of defectors from one party to the other, clamour of protests by the dissidents that denied tickets, both the TDP and the Congress are getting together to put an end to the more than three decades of rivalry between them to take on a common enemy, KCR.

Both these parties are struggling to regain their past glory in the state, after the extremely clever KCR outsmarted them in Telangana in 2014.

Both the Congress and the TDP appears to be on a revenge mission against KCR for two different reasons.

The TRS saw a revolt against Chandrababu Naidu by his own party man KCR in 2001 which finally divided the state into two. And the Congress which created Telangana, hoping that KCR would be with them, felt betrayed and eager to turn the tables on him.

It seemed both the parties attained a wisdom that from the saying that “United we stand, divided we fall'.  

Hence, both the parties have decided to take on the mighty KCR together.

But, would they have a smooth ride in their fight against KCR?

For close to four decades now, the two parties have been each other's principal rivals in united Andhra Pradesh.

The present status of the parties in both Telugu states and the emerging political expediencies has forced them to do business with each other.

It is a fight for existence for the TDP, while for the Congress, it is an effort to ensure K Chandrasekhar Rao does not gain by the split in the anti-TRS vote.

At the same time, it is an exercise of experiment for Chandrababu to see how his alliance with the Congress would work for him to further the same in AP in 2019 elections to take on YSRCP and BJP.

While the next few weeks will determine if this strange bedfellow’s combination really has necessary might to take on KCR, Chandrababu and KCR are in fact locked in a bigger war and it is not just limited to Telangana.

The grand design is 2019 Lok Sabha election specify. The dissolution of the Telangana Assembly is also part of this game plan.

While the dissolution of the Assembly by KCR was under the directions of Delhi sultanate to counter the moves of the Non-BJP parties, the coming together of TDP and Congress is a prelude to the formation of Third alternative against the BJP.

Notwithstanding the public postures by the BJP as well as the TRS, it is now a known fact that even the talk of floating a non-BJP non-Congress front by KCR was all a part of the action plan apparently scripted by the BJP and played by KCR.

The only problem in the two sharp swords trying to fit in one sheath is ensuring smooth coordination on the ground given the usual trust deficit between the arch rivals turning friends.

There is an apprehension among the Congress leadership that if the TDP wins 12 to 15 seats and go on to join hands with a section of the TRS, they could bring down the Congress-led government in the event of a hung assembly.

So an exercise is already going on to ensure no one is in a position to blackmail with each other at a later date.

Another problem this alliance might face the perennial “ Main Banunga CM” ( I am the CM) obsession by the Congress seniors, which might help KCR to ensure that the efforts the two arch rivals coming might no be a smooth affair.

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