Lagadapati Survey is a Blunder - A Tactical trap by KCR
Amaravati: “Problems cannot be solved at the same level of awareness that created them”.

“It is said of women, not always correctly, that they seldom, if ever, say what they mean and seldom mean what they say”. 

This is true at least of various pre-poll surveys, that are being released by various agencies in the air like kites during kite festival, which clearly cannot tell between  “Fact and falsehood” and between "Propaganda and Campaign".

The ongoing face-off between the Congress and the TRS over the pre-poll surveys, particularly the one predicted by Lagadapati, popularly known as " Andhra Octopus", issue offers a classic case study in what happens when a heavily armed conventional army is forced to fight a war with lightly-armed and mobile insurgents.

The Congress, the grand old party of Indian national politics known for its canny and on the ball political moves and troubleshooting tactics, had been making every possible strategic/tactical mistake in understanding TRS and its wily leader KCR, it could, while KCR is doing what he does best.

And it seems Congress has been mastering the art of doing every thing wrong these days.

As the Congress’ think tank is struggling to find an effective counter to KCR’s crafty moves in the election campaign, it is poised to lose a battle that appeared almost won. 

Fighting goes out of control when the combatants misread opponent’s intentions. 

The Congress leadership by deploying Lagadapati, whose mention of mere name ignites passions of Telangana sentiment, and who had lost any kind of relevance in his own state, to indulge in mind games to fight the elections vis-a- vis propaganda through pre-poll predictions , seems to have understood KCR far less than what KCR understood of nuances of electoral battles.

The memories of shenanigans of Lagadapati to prevent legislation of Telangana Bill in Parliament are still fresh in the minds of Telangana people.

Thus,  his name is synonymous with "conspiracy" for people of Telangana and his every act, even, if it is a social service, would be looked with prejudice.

It is worth analysing why KCR is doing what he is expected to do as a canny politician of his ilk would do- "Reignite Telangana sentiment".

And by deploying Lagadapati with his pre-poll predictions, Congress did a tactical blunder, which a party known for troubleshooting abilities is not supposed to do when the election campaign reached its climax.

KCR is a classic example of the strategist who  exploits every chance that comes in his way in order to succeed in electoral politics. 

Having fulfilled his long cherished dream of becoming CM of Telangana and having gained a dominating position, calling every shot in the political book can be a part of his tactics to retain power elections. 

One can only envy his position rather than crying fault with his moves.

So he would leave no stone unturned to reignite Telangana passion repackaging it as " "Anti- Andhra" hatred.

And by deploying Lagadapatis and Chandrababus, who are looked as "Anti-Telangana" symbols, to fight its electoral battle, Congress gave away the game to KCR and made his task a walk in the park.

The Congress failed to understand TRS’s political DNA and tactics by looking at how from where it evolved from:

It was the product of the ego clash between Semmandhra capitalists who then had an unwritten hegemony and Telangana Feudal class who then could hardly compete politically and forced to play second fiddle to the Semandhra capitalist political class.

 It is a party of that balanced principles of people’s movement and pucca politics to flare up emotions to serve political objectives of one individual called KCR, a representative of feudal class.

Its and its leader KCR's success is not the result of what it or he stood for but what it or he stood against.

Just as Pakistan defines itself as ‘Not India’, TRS defines itself as ‘Not the Seemandhra capitalist political hegemony’.

its politics revolve around anti-seemandhra politician. 

It sustains itself on a diet of “Not-the-seemandhra capitalist political hegemony” rhetoric.

Thus,  To win electoral battles, KCR needs no solid tactics  to deploy, but mere presence of  "symbols of Andhra capitalist political hegemony" in the ranks of opposition.

If we understand this, we know why KCR acts the way he does.

Congress turned out to be a hollow card-board box by doing exactly what KCR wanted it do, deploy Anti-Telangana symbols as commanders of its electoral battles.

KCR’s idea is not to defeat the Congress but to position himself as David - the frail looking man heading off to fight to sustain his own brand and political identity and place himself in a  position to retain power.

Now let’s read the Congress’ mindset, and why current tactics are inadequate to sideline and challenge KCR.

 Its belief to win the elections on the claim of  "KCR betrayed the aspiration of Telangana people " has blinded it to the reality of an insurgency of KCR’s meticulous moves in the Telangana backyard, by once again falling back on the support of Andhra leadership.

As a party that championed Telangana cause, TRS will always have the advantage of choosing the time and place to embarrass the Congress, while the Congress cannot repeat the same mistake it had committed the last time elections were held.

The face-off between these parties reminds an analogy of the mosquito and the elephant. 

The goal of the mosquito is to get inside the elephant’s ear and make the pachyderm go mad and run amok; the goal of the elephant is to keep flapping its ears to prevent this.

The Congress must keep flapping its ears and tut-tut over KCR’s tantrums. 

But, Doing  what the ant wants it do will not work.

Thus, by deploying Lagadapati to play mind games with pre-poll predictions, Congress did what KCR wanted it to do- " "Walk into his trap".

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