Another survey predicts shock to CBN
Amaravati: AP CM Chandra Babu Naidu, chief of TDP is facing tough times in the recent months. He got a shock when his brainchild TDP-Congress Praja Kutami in Telangana crashed to defeat in the assembly elections. 

Chandra Babu is now playing the victim card painting Modi, Jagan and KCR as the villains out to crush Andhra people. He is trying to counter the huge anti incumbency with this victim card. 

However till now most of the surveys predicted sweep to YSRCP and crushing defeat to Chandra Babu's CBN. He breathed easy when the C Voter survey predicted neck and neck race between TDP and YSRCP with TDP marginally ahead. 

But even before he could celebrate, another survey predicted shock to CBN. India Today-CNX opinion poll ,conducted right after the announcement of election dates, predicted Modi to come to power with BJP expected to win around 238 wseats on its own and comfortably crossing the halfway mark with 285 seats with allies Shiv Sena, Akali Dal, AIADMK, JD (U), PMK and LJP. It is known that in 2014 Polls, BJP won 282 seats on its own and NDA managed to get 355 seats. Congress is expected to improve its tally from 44 to 82 seats. 

In Andhra Pradesh, TDP is predicted to get a shock with YSRCP winning 22 out of 25 seats and TDP just 3 seats. Telangana is expected to see TRS wave with TRS winning 14 and MIM 1 with Congress winning the remaining 2. 

Here are the state wise projections. 

AP: YCP 22, TDP 3.

Telangana: TRS 14, Congress 2, MIM 1.

Uttar Pradesh: BJP 40, SP 18, BSP 16, Congress 4, RLD 1, Apna Dal 1

Gujarat: BJP 26

West Bengal: TMC 30, BJP 12

Maharashtra: BJP 22, Shiv Sena 10, Congress 9, NCP 7

Rajasthan: BJP 20, Congress 5

Madhya Pradesh: BJP 23, Congress 6

Tamil Nadu: DMK 16, AIADMK 12, Congress 5, MMK 2, PMK 2, BJP 1, Others 1 

Odisha: BJD 14, BJP 7

Karnataka: BJP 13, Congress 13, JDS 2

Kerala: UDF 12, LDF 7, BJP 1

Punjab: Congress 9, Akali Dal 3, AAP 1

Bihar: BJP 15, JD (U) 12, RJD 8, LJP 3, Congress 2

Haryana: BJP 9, Congress 1

Delhi: BJP 7

Chhattisgarh: BJP 6, Congress 5

Jharkhand: BJP 8, JMM 3, Congress 2, JVM (P) 1

Assam: BJP 8, Congress 4, AIUDF 2

Jammi & Kashmir: BJP 2, Nationalist Congress 1, Congress 2, PDP 1

Uttarakhand: BJP 5

Himachal Pradesh: BJP 4

Goa: BJP 2

North-Eastern States: BJP 3, Congress 3, MNF 1, NPP 1, CPI-M 1, NDPP 1, SDF 1

Union Territories: BJP 4, Congress 2

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