It's All Villains And No Heroes In Politics
  Amaravati: “The Tragedy of playing political characters is that our Power stars don’t know how to act them”

Where is Pawan Kalyan, the tacit cheerleader of CBN..

It's been almost three days since elections are over in AP and he is missing from post-poll action.

While, CBN, his Director, script writer is on an endeavour to wage a relentless fight against alleged misuse of powers by EC in New Delhi, Pawan, popularly known as PK or Jana Senani is nowhere to be seen.

He is not even lending a voice or expressing solidarity to his political master's war against EC.

He appears to be taking a solitary Sabbath having sensed that he failed to accomplish the task assigned to him by his political master.

His latest silence, like all his earlier ones, reflected his casual attitude mirroring that he is yet to come out of his limitation of being an inexperienced politician and not appeared a “determination and confidence” of a person who wanted to make his own name big in the politics.

For Pawan who had embarked on building a political career of his own, it is high time, he read the writing on the wall.

The voting trends in the just concluded elections reflect that his party failed to split anti-incumbency votes  to dent the prospects of YS Jagan and help his political master to retain the power...

Now that his role is finished in the political drama of AP, he is getting ready to grease paint his face to play screen roles which he is adept at.

If the exit polls are any indication, then thanks to the voters his political career is all set to be an utter flop like his recent movies.

He might have this knack of playing a Che Guevara at one point, Gaddar at the other, a super citizen who outdoes caste and religious identities on some point and a “political sidekick” to a Fascist ideologue and a Crony Corporate facilitator, all at once, with professional ease.

But, the AP voters had other ideas, where they refused to be impressed by his "acting" on real life political stage.

They appeared to have chided the super hero’s core constituency saying that we are not like your  insane fans to fall for your political Gimmicky.

May be the voters are yet to forget  his endorsing both CBN and Modi to make mockery of his claim during the campaign that he would, now on, fight them  on their failures.

They hold him  equally responsible for making his “politics of questioning”  which he promised in 2014, irrelevant all these days.

The voters, if the trends are to be any indication, silently disclosed that they were not ready to listen to the voices of leaders like him who are more known for confusion than clarity of their politics.

So, by going into the hide and remaining silent on the alleged misuse of EC, Jana Senani appeared to have conceded a kind of defeat, even before the EVMs are opened, to send a message to the people that he was not that heroic as he was on screen, when comes to real life.

Thus, by going silent, he declared that he is a big “Escapist” and a complete "confusion" that he has no heroism that people of expected off in him.

He made a comic of himself….

......And comedians hardly succeed when they play Heroes…..

....Ask Sunil, Ali etc..

The tragedy of the real politics  is that our power stars like Pawan hardly win.

Real politics is no Cinema where  the hero plays the mesaaih and never fails to disappoint the audience.

And Pawan by trying to play  a Real Life hero  disappointed a billion hopes….of his fans.

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