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Dreaming of an American job? It could be quite taxing
If your dream is to land a job in the US, think again! New research suggests that the American workplace is physically
 [3 day ago]
Supportive spouse may be your way to success
The support you get from your spouse or romantic partner may determine your personal growth and psychological well-being,
 [5 day ago]
Yikes...the spiciest CONDOMS you can imagine!
Gone are the strawberry, vanilla and chocolate flavours, pickle is the new thing. Well this ain't for the ice cream flavours
 [12 day ago]
This dad's love is madness, really!
This is a story of a mad loving father Jordan. The man who is based out of Texas did to his daughter not many would date to do!
 [13 day ago]
Playing video games may cut stress at work
Do you feel stressed out, frustrated or anxious at work? Playing video games may help, researchers say.
 [22 day ago]
Obesity in teenage may up colon cancer risk later
Is your adolescent son or daughter overweight or obese? Beware, it may increase his or her risk of developing colon cancer
 [24 day ago]
A big breakfast daily may help you stay slim
Want to reduce that ever-burgeoning waistline? Make breakfast the largest meal of the day as it may help maintain your body
 [27 day ago]
Redefining gifting in India with technology
Gifting has always been a part of Indian tradition and culture; a way to express love, gratitude, appreciation and good wishes.
 [28 day ago]
Why some women are more likely to feel depressed
A lesser menstrual cycle over the lifespan as well as earlier menopause may explain why only some women
 [29 day ago]
Pick fragrances according to your personality
Have a hyper personality? Go for woody notes. The introvert ones can pick out fragrances like Fijian water and cherry blossom
 [35 day ago]
Fashion industry is not only racist, it's elitist
Indian origin British supermodel Neelam Gill thinks the fashion industry is both racist and elitist.
 [40 day ago]
Crazy: 7 Yo shows off complete 8 packs!!
This is a picture of a Chinese 7 year old Chen Yi who has become an Internet hero. All that Chen did was to work for a ripped body
 [41 day ago]
Extramarital s3x more among older Americans
In a surprising discovery, a new study reveals that married people in the US over age 55 engage in extramarital s3x more often
 [42 day ago]
Play with your sari for a different you
Saris can be formal, sexy, fun, traditional and so much more but wearing them in one style can make the most interesting
 [43 day ago]
No evidence for limit on human lifespan
Challenging theories that say human lifespan is approaching a limit, researchers have found that there is no evidence that
 [47 day ago]
Eating chocolate may boost cognitive skills in elderly
Love to munch on chocolates? According to a study, it may improve your cognitive skills such as working memory, visual processing
 [48 day ago]
Yoga not as safe as people thought
Yoga's appeal is growing in Australia and worldwide but new research released on Wednesday suggests it is not as safe as
 [50 day ago]
Father's involvement can help kids stay in shape
Fathers' involvement in caregiving is linked to decreased likelihood that children would develop childhood obesity, says a study.
 [56 day ago]
Fashion tips for plus-size women
The mantra that every curvy girl should follow is to dress right for her size. Bid goodbye to all those oversized clothes and slip into
 [60 day ago]
Miss India crown holds a lot of responsibility
Former Miss India contestant Dipannita Sharma says the crown holds a lot of responsibility, and it's not just about beauty and glamour.
 [63 day ago]
Chandrababu developed Basara
Kavitha responds to Asaduddin’s plea
Police foil Jagga Reddy’s fast
Every section in AP got raw deal by TDP govt
Obama's tweet in response to Charlottesville breaks record
Salaries of high-skilled foreign workers in US increase
Telangana to accord civic reception to Venkaiah Naidu
Jagan’s mercenaries on mission to kill me
Singireddy Srinivas Reddy is no more
Komati takes light of AICC emissary RC Khuntia
Kodandaram demands release of job calendar
Charge-sheets in drug scandal cases will be filed in Oct
KCR’s claims on minorities’ welfare are hollow
T is only State to take up building of DBR houses for poor
Pawan Kalyan attends “At Home”
'TDP ushered in many programs for uplift of poor'
Iam ready to go jail: Nagam
Two-year-old falls in Andhra borewell, rescue efforts on
Indian-origin man awarded $2.9mn
Sreesanth back on cricket field after 4 years
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