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Searching for partner online, first make a perfect profile
If you are looking for your dream partner online, a great profile is the key. Of course you need captivating photos,
 [9 hrs ago]
Baahubali sequences on saris!!
This is Bahubali craze in peaks. People, especially marketing folks are
 [1 day ago]
Miss World finalist reveals she's raped!!
Miss World Finalist and Australian black diva Adau Mornyang revealed that she was raped as a teen!
 [3 day ago]
Pakistani man survives on leaves for 25 years
A man in Pakistan's Punjab province has been surviving on leaves and wood for the last 25 years, a habit that he developed
 [5 day ago]
Video: Media versus common man!
This video is an example of how media is bull dozing people and how common man reciprocates and respects media
 [7 day ago]
Indian couples making Rs 15 L by Live streaming S3x act!
An increasing number of Indian couples are engaging in live streaming of their s3xual acts on porn websites for quick money,
 [9 day ago]
25 'golden age' to beat computers
Turning 25? This may be the best time of your life, as according to a study, 25 is the golden age when humans can outsmart
 [11 day ago]
Married LGBT adults healthier, happier
For years, studies have linked marriage with happiness among heteros3xual couples. A new study now shows that the benefits of
 [13 day ago]
A student commits suicide every hour in India
On April 3, 2017, Arjun Bharadwaj, a 24-year-old management student, committed suicide by jumping out of a 19th-floor
 [20 day ago]
54 per cent employees dissatisfied with salary: Survey
Most employees across sectors in India's major cities are dissatisfied with their salary structure, reveals a survey by Wisdomjobs.com,
 [22 day ago]
Such impactful ad; promise you'll have wet eyes!
This is a heart touching ad video we saw and with an impactful message too. This is not about weakness of a woman or her
 [23 day ago]
We learn to understand others after age 4
Researchers have found why at around the age of four children suddenly do what three-year-olds are unable to do
 [29 day ago]
SHOCKER: Indian women outnumber men in p0rn...!!
Believe or not, a survey and research revealed that p0rn is watched by people in the age group 18 and 40. And women outnumber men
 [32 day ago]
Indians value quality of customer service
Quality of customer service is more important to Indian consumers than the value of a product, a study by American Express said
 [36 day ago]
Bare it all for a swim event!
Sydney's Cobbler's Beach became a witness to a rare event, swimmers bared it all for swimming event.
 [38 day ago]
Why casual s3x is not so cool
Does a one-night stand or romping without any commitment or emotional involvement sound interesting to you? If yes,
 [41 day ago]
To be famous today, make sure you are bad or stupid
I told a friend that if he scrolled down to the very first Facebook post ever written he would win a prize from Mark Zuckerberg
 [41 day ago]
Parents lost son, cops find him as daughter!
This is strange of the strangest things we have heard in the recent times. There is this family of goldsmiths who has a
 [42 day ago]
Watching p0rn may make men less satisfied in relationships
Far from giving your s3x life a leg-up, watching p0rn may lead to reduced happiness in relationships both s3xually and generally,
 [43 day ago]
Different workouts for treadmill
There are a lot of treadmill exercises one can do. These moves will not only strengthen your entire body but will also get your
 [46 day ago]
Won't run for office, says Michelle Obama
Protesting Congress women shout “KCR Zindabad”!
AP signs MoU with Kia Motors
TRS means Telangana Rythu Samithi
KCR sensed anti-incumbency wave!
Indian-American teacher jailed for fraud
Haley, Akbaruddin discuss India-US cooperation
SC asks Roy to deposit Rs 1,500 cr, jails one for contempt
Sania nails it; Selfie in a Selfie!
Modi launches Rs 2,500 an hour air travel scheme
Flower rain at TRS meeting!
Trump's administration unveils tax cut principles
RBI to issue new Rs 5 and Rs 10 coins
Osmania University centenary fete begins
NRI dentist running for Virginia House of Delegates
Ravi Kiran inspired by TDP website to post against it!
Harbhajan lashes out at 'racist' Jet Airways pilot
AAP ridicules BJP Delhi win as victory of EVMs!
Sasikala banners removed from AIADMK office
Chhota Rajan sentenced to seven years in jail
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