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Sadist people are more likely to seek vengeance
 People who enjoy hurting others and seeing them in pain are more likely to seek revenge against those who have wronged them, 
 [9 day ago]
I've really not given Bollywood a thought
Her dance performance on "Nagada sang dhol" song during Miss World 2017 pageant made many of her co-contestants 
 [11 day ago]
Not photoshopped, scary woman goes viral!
First of this is not a photoshpped picture. Canadian Mimichoi has huge fan following on social media. What is her speciality
 [12 day ago]
Miss World shares her favourite stars
Manushi Chillar did entire nation proud by bringing home the coveted Miss World
 [14 day ago]
Miss Universe 2017: India loses, South Africa wins
India's Shraddha Shashidhar lost out on the Miss Universe 2017 title, failing to make it even to the top 16.
 [15 day ago]
Youth at Sunburn party directly from college!
The Sunburn Party in Hyderabad has been drawing ire of people and for obvious reasons. If events like Sunbury party
 [17 day ago]
93% Indian workers happy to work with a bot
A whopping 93 per cent of Indian workers feel positive about meeting bots and virtual assistants at their workplace, a survey
 [20 day ago]
Money-minded people spend more time on Facebook
Materialistic people are likely to have significantly more friends than people who are less interested in possessions and
 [21 day ago]
India's Manushi Chillar crowned Miss World 2017
India's Manushi Chillar won the coveted Miss World 2017 pageant here, 16 years after Priyanka Chopra won the title in 2000.
 [24 day ago]
Father's depression may affect mental health in teenagers
If you're a father who hasn't sought treatment for depression, it could have an impact on your adolescent child, warns a new study.
 [26 day ago]
Indonesian beauty queen crowned Miss International 2017
Indonesia's Kevin Lilliana was crowned Miss International 2017 on Tuesday at an event held at the Tokyo Dome City Hall.
 [28 day ago]
Get healthy skin with rose water, oatmeal powder
Get your hands on rose water, olive oil and egg yolk mixture and more to have beautiful skin even during winter which robs moisture
 [29 day ago]
Do's, don'ts for accessorising in office
One can experiment with jewellery pieces while going to office, but keep it simple and elegant, say experts.
 [32 day ago]
How safe are online dating apps?
Even as more and more youngsters use dating apps for fun or to find the love of their life, new research warns that these apps
 [43 day ago]
Daydreaming shows your smartness, creativity
Worried about the habit of daydreaming or a wandering mind during meetings in office or at home? Take heart, it may not
 [48 day ago]
Nature, romance inspire new fashion lines
Designers Djey Tanwar and Megha Sikchi will showcase their new collection 'Paradise Ocean', inspired by nature, and
 [49 day ago]
Indians always on social media during vacation
Indians top ahead of Thailand and Mexico when it comes to using social media while holidaying,
 [59 day ago]
Mothers work more, dads spends more leisure time
Do you think your mom works less than your dad? No, in fact she may be more hardworking, as researchers have
 [64 day ago]
Know how to deliver bad news to people
Nobody wants to receive bad news, but when they must they prefer receiving it straight, without much buffer, suggests new research.
 [65 day ago]
Women at par with men in taking risks
Women can be just as risk-taking as men or even more so when the conventional macho measures of daring, such as betting
 [66 day ago]
WTC only aimed at boosting KCR's image
Mutton soup exposes Telangana woman's chilling crime
New York bombing suspect warned Trump on Facebook
24-hr power: KCR urges farmers to remove auto starters
Kurnool MLC by-poll on Jan. 12
Uma, her son Sandeep ready to jump into car
Gayle smashes T20 records in BPL final
Women detail s3xual allegations against Trump
Industrialist Anil Reddy joins BJP
Students intensify stir at CBIT College, caned by police
KTR moots Monorail in IT Corridor
Nakrekal MLA defends remarks against DCCB CEO
BCCI lifts ban on RCA
Indian schoolgirl drowns in Australia
Cong has lust for power only, but TRS thirsty to develop TS
BJP will sweep polls in 2019
Ganta face heat of Beauty pageant!
Congress using Gandhiji sentiment!
Wife given talak after she took part in NaMo rally!
Robbery in smart way at Lalitha Jewelers!
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