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Abusive boss can turn you into a great leader
Do you have an abusive boss at your workplace? If so, take heart. You are more likely to turn out to be a great boss
 [9 day ago]
Female CEOs at greater risk of dismissal than males
Owing to a significant societal gender discrimination, women CEOs are much more likely than male CEOs to be fired,
 [13 day ago]
Children worldwide not physically active
Children around the world are leading sedentary lifestyles and not maintaining a healthy growth and development,
 [15 day ago]
Why se*ist men are aggressive in romantic relationships?
Heteros**ual se*ist men who think their female partners or wives want to control them are more likely
 [16 day ago]
How to get a perfect fitted formal suit
Oversized clothes may have been in trend but when it comes to a formal suit, a perfect fitting is what a man hankers
 [20 day ago]
Holidaying at home more popular in India than foreign trips
More than 40 per cent Indians value "holidaying at home" the most than buying luxury items or going to
 [24 day ago]
Once a Miss World, always a Miss World
Miss World 2018 Manushi Chhillar, who has clocked a year since she brought back the coveted crown to India
 [25 day ago]
Humans are better at remembering names than faces
Do you think you are good at remembering faces, but terrible with names? According to a new research, this intuition
 [28 day ago]
Why a WiFi failure makes you angry?
Do you get frustrated and angry when your WiFi connection stops working? It could be because of your personality,
 [40 day ago]
How to make your office time lively, fun
Your office is your second home, so make sure you are doing things right to make it a fun and lively experience. Experts suggest how.
 [42 day ago]
Young men in US more likely to die in summer
In a significant finding, an analysis spanning nearly four decades has revealed that young men living in the US
 [43 day ago]
Halloween make up: Quick tips, tricks to keep in mind
Halloween celebrations in India are on the rise, thanks to the young and cosmopolitan crowd. If you are attending
 [44 day ago]
Online casino games may up risk of gambling in youth
Free online casino games may be an alternative to paid gambling, but it is linked to a higher risk of monetary gambling
 [49 day ago]
Mother-daughter clash ups suicide risk in abused teen girls
Teenage girls who were maltreated during their childhood are more likely to entertain suicidal thoughts if the relationship
 [54 day ago]
Beauty benefits of turmeric
Beyond its spectrum of providing health benefits, ever wondered what miracles turmeric powder can do as a beauty regime?
 [57 day ago]
Indians prefer short breaks over one long vacation: Survey
Indians have changed the way they have been holidaying
 [59 day ago]
Muscular men favour inequality in society
Men with higher physical strength, like well-built muscules, are more likely to favour inequality in society as well
 [62 day ago]
Sleeping too much can affect your mental skills
While lack of proper sleep has been known to affect health, a new study has showed that people who sleep less or more than
 [64 day ago]
Why getting proper education is important?
Parents, take note. If your child is getting proper education then it can enhance their economic decision
 [68 day ago]
How to reduce noise level at workplace
Noisy offices may be considered lively by some working professionals, but they can terrible and can affect productivity of employees.
 [70 day ago]
Sri Lankan Parliament sacking illegal: Supreme Court
Cherry shaking leg with Bollywood Beauty
Interpol issues red corner notice against Choksi
Laxman's 281 saved my career
Indian charged with smuggling foreign nationals into US
Facebook building in California evacuated over bomb threat
BSP to support Congress in MP
346 players to be auctioned for IPL 2019
Legal challenge filed against ousted Sri Lankan PM
Wipro opens automotive innovation hub in US
Shaktikanta Das to be new RBI Governor
MNF wins Mizoram, Congress' last Northeast state
Celebrations at TRS HQ in Hyderabad
Congress set for landslide win in Chhattisgarh
TRS juggernaut crushes Congress, gets absolute majority
KCR's daughter's shocking murder attempt
Leaders of 21 parties resolve to work together to defeat BJP
Election results in five states on Tuesday
India test fires Agni-V missile
Trump signs 2week spending bill to avoid government shutdown
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