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Indians value quality of customer service
Quality of customer service is more important to Indian consumers than the value of a product, a study by American Express said
 [43 min ago]
Bare it all for a swim event!
Sydney's Cobbler's Beach became a witness to a rare event, swimmers bared it all for swimming event.
 [2 day ago]
Why casual s3x is not so cool
Does a one-night stand or romping without any commitment or emotional involvement sound interesting to you? If yes,
 [5 day ago]
To be famous today, make sure you are bad or stupid
I told a friend that if he scrolled down to the very first Facebook post ever written he would win a prize from Mark Zuckerberg
 [5 day ago]
Parents lost son, cops find him as daughter!
This is strange of the strangest things we have heard in the recent times. There is this family of goldsmiths who has a
 [6 day ago]
Watching p0rn may make men less satisfied in relationships
Far from giving your s3x life a leg-up, watching p0rn may lead to reduced happiness in relationships both s3xually and generally,
 [7 day ago]
Different workouts for treadmill
There are a lot of treadmill exercises one can do. These moves will not only strengthen your entire body but will also get your
 [10 day ago]
Whatsapp love makes a 13yo girl mad!!
This is a clear example of how social media can affect thinking abilities of children as young as 13 years of age.
 [11 day ago]
Cute or outrageous? You figure!
For some this could be cute and for some parents this could be outrageous and painful!
 [12 day ago]
Behind every satisfied career is good s3x at home
Maintaining a healthy s3x life at home can boost your job satisfaction and engagement at the office, says a study.
 [15 day ago]
P0rn sites hire to shoot couples in parks!
The ugly side of p0rn business is here. Many lovers who cannot afford to hit theaters or book hotels, go to parks or beach
 [17 day ago]
Wear this Smart Condom to know your S3xual performance!!!
For the full “Terminator” bionic man effect comes a brave-new-world condom ring to measure almost everything guys have
 [19 day ago]
You hurt my feelings, now make me a millionaire
Emotional distress is when you make a sarcastic comment on Facebook and every single friend thinks that's what you really think,
 [19 day ago]
Indian women eat 13% less protein than men
Women across India consume 13 per cent lesser protein than men, a survey by Delhi-based mobile health and fitness company
 [20 day ago]
Big thoo: Teacher living in relation with student!
We have heard teachers having unnatural relationships in abroad countries. Whenever we read about such stories they give a goosebumpy
 [20 day ago]
Single but romancing...look how!
We all have hundreds of friends on social media, but there will be times when we have no single friend to come and bail us
 [22 day ago]
Hahaha: 99-Yo arrested, put in jail, but...
We have heard of old people sit at home chanting god names. We know some people taking devotional pilgrimage tours too
 [22 day ago]
Hanky-Panky inside ATM
This is insane and madness at peaks. A couple had resorted to this dirty affair inside an ATM during broad day light in public glare
 [24 day ago]
Your body size may determine how much you sweat
Sweating depends on body size, weight and not on gender, meaning that larger individuals sweat more than smaller ones during exercises
 [26 day ago]
Strange problem: Girls say they want to marry!
Two women approached Madhura police saying that they want to marry. One is a woman separated from husband and another
 [31 day ago]
Indians value quality of customer service
SWN sets up 'Water ATMs' in Telangana
I love Kohli and Australian public love him
Devotee manhandled by TTD security
Congress demands House panel probe, walks out
Congress Ex CM joins BJP
84% Jio users willing to take Prime offer
SBI officials held for violating RBI guidelines
Gene linked to human cleft lip and palate identified
Ajmer blast convicts get life term
Telangana IAS officer, son arrested for driver's murder
Laxman predicts TRS will face Congress fate
Harish jibe on Aruna throws members into splits
Cong MLA Sampath to resign tomorrow..!
Komati threatens stir for irrigation water
Kishan predicts BJP’s Bahubali will conquer T
Hyderabad BJP MLA offers to resign
Mukesh Ambani tops Forbes list of 101 Indian billionaires
Babri case is about title
Trump drops on the Forbes Billionaires List
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