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Gene linked to human cleft lip and palate identified
Researchers have found that flaw in a gene linked to birth defects in mouse models may cause cleft lip and palate in humans too.
 [10 hrs ago]
Smoking causes glaucoma, other eye diseases
As cases of glaucoma show a rising trend in India, opthalmologists blame smoking as one of the major reasons behind it.
 [3 day ago]
Your addiction to drugs may cause tooth decay
If you are addicted to drugs, you may be at greater risk of developing tooth decay and periodontal disease than people with no
 [5 day ago]
Novel nano-implant may help restore sight
Scientists have developed a high-resolution retinal prosthesis using nanowires and wireless electronics that may aid neurons in the retina to respond to light.
 [7 day ago]
Your brain may be ready for action, even at rest
Even while you are taking rest, your brain networks may be waiting in a state of potentiation to execute even
 [11 day ago]
Head injuries can affect hundreds of genes
Head injuries can harm hundreds of genes in the brain in a way that increases people's risk for a wide range of neurological
 [15 day ago]
Smoking causes lungs to lose their ability to heal
Are you a chain smoker? Beware. Cigarette smoke has the potential to block self-healing processes in the lungs by eroding molecules
 [19 day ago]
Why a sitting job is bad for your heart and waist
Do you have a desk-bound job? Beware, you may be at a heightened risk of developing cardiovascular diseases by 0.2 per cent
 [20 day ago]
A fasting diet may help to reverse diabetes
A type of fasting diet may reprogramme pancreas cells, promote the growth of new insulin-producing pancreatic cells
 [26 day ago]
Fruit and vegetable-rich diet may lower lung disease risk
Consuming five or more daily servings of diet rich in fruit such as apples or pears and green leafy vegetables may significantly lower
 [27 day ago]
Heavy drinking may cause arterial stiffness in men
Men with heavy alcohol intake over the years may be at higher risk of developing arterial stiffness, premature ageing of arteries
 [29 day ago]
Say goodbye to cold with home remedies
Winter may be on its way out, but the common cold is pretty much the year-long companion. Changes in weather lowers
 [32 day ago]
Your belly fat may up diabetes, heart disease risk
If you are having an apple shaped body -- in which weight is deposited around the abdomen -- it may be high time to 
 [35 day ago]
Why mosquitoes are drawn to people with malaria
Researchers have figured out why malaria mosquitoes prefer to feed -- and feed more -- on blood from people infected with malaria
 [40 day ago]
Yoga can help relieve back pain
If you are suffering from chronic low back pain, yoga may offer some relief. Researchers have found that patients practicing
 [43 day ago]
Malaria superbug lineage spreading fast in Asia
A lineage of multidrug resistant P. falciparum malaria superbugs has widely spread and is now established in parts of Thailand
 [48 day ago]
Now, a breath monitor to detect flu
Researchers have invented a hand-held breath monitor that can potentially detect flu virus and help prevent flu epidemics
 [49 day ago]
Antibiotics can boost bacterial growth
Repeated antibiotic treatment not only can increase bacteria's resistance to drugs but also help them reproduce faster than
 [50 day ago]
Third-time bypass surgery done on patient
The cardiac team of Citizens Specialty Hospital, led by Dr Vikram Aerra, Senior Consultant Cardio Thoracic Surgeon,
 [57 day ago]
Yoga, exercise may not improve sleep in middle-aged women
Middle-aged women suffering from hot flashes may not experience good sleep, even after engaging in interventions such
 [57 day ago]
Indians value quality of customer service
SWN sets up 'Water ATMs' in Telangana
I love Kohli and Australian public love him
Devotee manhandled by TTD security
Congress demands House panel probe, walks out
Congress Ex CM joins BJP
84% Jio users willing to take Prime offer
SBI officials held for violating RBI guidelines
Gene linked to human cleft lip and palate identified
Ajmer blast convicts get life term
Telangana IAS officer, son arrested for driver's murder
Laxman predicts TRS will face Congress fate
Harish jibe on Aruna throws members into splits
Cong MLA Sampath to resign tomorrow..!
Komati threatens stir for irrigation water
Kishan predicts BJP’s Bahubali will conquer T
Hyderabad BJP MLA offers to resign
Mukesh Ambani tops Forbes list of 101 Indian billionaires
Babri case is about title
Trump drops on the Forbes Billionaires List
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