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Just 1 hour on treadmill can boost metabolism for 2 days
A single workout session consisting of three 20-minute treadmill runs could activate neurons that are important
 [4 day ago]
Miscarriage might be linked to heart disease risk
Women who experience miscarriages or pregnancy loss and do not have children are at greater risk of cardiovascular
 [9 day ago]
Habitual tea drinking can lower risk of fracture
Habitual tea drinking can lead to higher bone density, particularly for women, and lower the risk of bone fractures,
 [11 day ago]
Sperm count 50% lower in men whose fathers smoke
While studies have repeatedly linked maternal smoking during pregnancy with reduced sperm count in male children,
 [14 day ago]
This natural sugar supplement could help fight cancer
Mannose a nutritional supplement found naturally in fruits such as cranberries can aid in slowing the growth
 [16 day ago]
Your genes make you tea or coffee lover
Are you a tea or coffee person? The answer may lie in your genetic predisposition towards bitter tastes,
 [23 day ago]
Eat veggies, fish to ward away heart disease
If you are suffering from high blood pressure, consuming fish, seafood and a primarily vegetarian diet
 [32 day ago]
Childhood stress linked to brain disorders later
Excessive stress in early childhood can increase the likelihood of brain disorders and affects an individual's
 [33 day ago]
Bigger brains linked to higher cancer risk
Having a bigger brain is directly associated with higher risk of brain cancer, says a new research.
 [40 day ago]
Some BP drugs linked to increased lung cancer risk
Some drugs widely prescribed for treating high blood pressure could be associated with an increased risk of lung cancer
 [45 day ago]
Eating spinach, beetroot could help prevent vision loss
Eating vegetable nitrates, found mainly in green leafy vegetables and beetroot, could prevent macular degeneration,
 [49 day ago]
Better cardiorespiratory fitness linked to longer life
Researchers at the Cleveland Clinic in the US have found that better cardiorespiratory fitness leads to better longevity,
 [50 day ago]
Obesity may double risk of colorectal cancer in young women
Women who are overweight or obese have up to twice the risk of developing colorectal cancer before age 50, warn researchers.
 [58 day ago]
Air pollution linked to high risk of oral cancer
Higher levels of air pollution may be linked to a heightened risk of developing oral cancer, which includes cancers of the lips,
 [60 day ago]
Overdose of Vitamin A may up bone fracture risk
Over-supplementing Vitamin A in your diet may decrease bone thickness, leading to weak and fracture-prone bones,
 [61 day ago]
Aspirin can reduce liver cancer risk
aking two or more aspirin tablets a week can help reduce the risk of developing primary liver cancer, also called hepatocellular
 [63 day ago]
Diabetes may be detected 20 years before diagnosis
Early signs of Type-2 diabetes can be detected 20 years before diagnosis, according to a new research.
 [65 day ago]
A glass of wine a day may advance your death
Want to live long? Ditch that daily glass of wine as it can increase your chance of an early death by 20 per cent,
 [66 day ago]
Can chiropractic care cause vision loss?
Do you seek chiropractic care for back pain relief? Beware, the alternative to medicine that treats problems with the musculoskeletal
 [68 day ago]
New vaccine offers hope for metastatic cancer patients
A newly developed vaccine to treat patients with metastatic HER2-positive cancers has been found effective, results from phase
 [69 day ago]
1st Test: India on top after 4th day
Trump signs 2week spending bill to avoid government shutdown
Isha Ambani-Anand Piramal wedding ceremonies start
Gadkari collapses at function, says he's now fine
Heavy betting underway in Telangana elections
Rs 539 cr assistance given to Andhra
Babri Masjid anniversary passes off peacefully in Hyderabad
Amritsar train tragedy: Sidhu's wife gets clean chit
1st Test: Poor batting leaves India struggling
Top NRI Microsoft AI executive Sirosh joins Compass
Infosys opens innovation hub in US' Hartford
'Come on, kill me': Owaisi's retort to BJP leader
Kohli makes light of hype surrounding him ahead of Oz tests
Just 1 hour on treadmill can boost metabolism for 2 days
Facebook no longer best place to work in US
Indian-origin gay man found guilty of killing wife for lover
Sri Lankan crisis will be solved in a week
Star India launch sports channel Star Sports 1 Telugu
Pramila Jayapal recruits former Indian-American Obama aide
Abusive boss can turn you into a great leader
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