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Father's nutrition before s3x impacts baby's health
A father's diet before s3x can play as important a role as nutrition of the expectant mother in deliveirng a healthy baby,
 [3 day ago]
Is watching hockey stressful for your heart?
Watching a hockey game live or on television may lead to a rise in heart rate, that can have a substantial effect
 [9 day ago]
Gene therapy may help reverse blindness
Researchers have shown that gene therapy might help reverse blindness by reprogramming cells at the back of the eye to become light
 [13 day ago]
How to keep your heart healthy as you age
While advancing age increases the risk of developing cardiovascular disease (CVD), living a healthy life from your youth may help
 [17 day ago]
Some facial creams can even cause death
Some popular brands of facial creams that are advertised as containing "activated carbon" for better results
 [20 day ago]
Preterm babies sleep more independently
Preterm babies have more medical sleep problems such as nocturnal movement, restlessness during the night as compared
 [24 day ago]
Running may help you quit smoking
Finding it hard to quit the bad habit of smoking? Joining a running group can help you say no to tobacco, a study has claimed.
 [33 day ago]
Obese wives may up men's diabetes risk
Is your wife overweight? According to a study, it can substantially increase your risk of developing Type 2 diabetes, especially in middle
 [34 day ago]
E-cigarette liquids may up asthma, allergy risk
Commonly sold e-cigarette liquids contain at least one substance classified as a health risk, such as those capable of causing asthma
 [35 day ago]
Your height may up risk of blood clots
The taller you are, the more likely you may be at risk of developing blood clots in veins, according to new study of more than two
 [40 day ago]
Bacteria in throat may indicate joint infection risk in kids
Researchers have found that presence of a bacterium in children's throat is strongly liked to a deadly bone and joint infection with the same bacterium.
 [41 day ago]
Heavy drinking may harm men more than women
Contradicting prevalent belief, new research has found that heavy alcohol use may put men more at risk of long-term harm
 [43 day ago]
Eat protein thrice a day to stay stronger
Eating protein equally in the three daily meals could lead to greater mass and muscle strength in the elderly, says a study
 [46 day ago]
Why heart attacks are more prevalent in winters
The risk of suffering a heart attack is more likely to peak in the winter season and decline in summers because air temperature acts
 [49 day ago]
Here's how belly fat could raise your cancer risk
Belly fat may release more of a protein that can cause a non-cancerous cell to turn into a cancerous one, new research has found.
 [52 day ago]
Cancer with Johnson's baby powder...!!
Johnson and Johnson is an American based multinational company. A Los Angeles court delivered a sensational verdict against the MNC
 [55 day ago]
Beat the period cramps with yoga
Yoga can help solve the suffering that women with severe menstrual pain go through. Known as dysmenorrhea, it includes sharp,
 [58 day ago]
Quit smoking to delay frailty in old age
Giving up smoking early may potentially prevent or delay developing frailty, even in old age, suggests new research.
 [59 day ago]
Here's how eating untimely may affect your skin
If you are planning to go sunbathing, it is advisable to avoid midnight snacks and eating untimely as it might disrupt the skin's 
 [61 day ago]
Indian cricketer joins organ donation awareness drive
Cricketer Gautam Gambhir on Saturday joined a campaign to encourage people to pledge to donate organs, 
 [65 day ago]
Airtel, HPCL join hands for digital payments in TS, AP
Jagan plans BC garjana after his padayatra
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Shah sets 150-plus target for Gujarat
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'Oppn campaign wrong on projects'
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Father's nutrition before s3x impacts baby's health
Indian gets jail, caning for molesting nurse in Singapore
Telangana to develop app on urban flooding
Jaitley urges US to reform H1-B/L1 visa processes
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