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Decoded: How eating red meat affects your heart
Researchers have found a link between an allergen found in red meat and the build-up of fats that block the heart arteries, 
 [5 day ago]
High Vitamin D linked with strong muscles in girls
Girls with high levels of vitamin D levels are likely to have strong muscle strength than their counterparts with low levels of the
 [6 day ago]
Can sleeping more affect your heart?
If you thought that only less hours of sleep would affect your health, then you are wrong. Sleeping more than 10 hours
 [8 day ago]
Is food allergy linked to ASD?
Children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) are more than twice as likely to suffer from a food allergy than children
 [12 day ago]
Thousands take 'fish prasadam' in Hyderabad
Thousands of asthma patients on Friday took 'fish prasadam', which has been distributed by a family here for 
 [13 day ago]
Zika's effects on newborns persist even in adults
Scientists have discovered that Zika virus infection that can lead to birth defects and other complications such as seizures
 [14 day ago]
Andhra's decision to use auto-disable syringes hailed
The medical device sector on Thursday hailed Andhra Pradesh's move to to use auto-disable syringes for all clinical 
 [14 day ago]
Smoking during pregnancy can cause hearing loss in baby
If you are planning to start motherhood, quit smoking, say researchers. Exposing your baby to tobacco smoke
 [15 day ago]
Here's how insufficient sleep could cost countries billions
With the problem of inadequate sleep affecting more and more people around the world, researchers have found that
 [17 day ago]
Weight loss in elderly may harm bone strength
While loosing excess weight can be considered healthy, researchers claim that it may reduce bone density, bone architecture
 [18 day ago]
Can virtual reality session aid in improving IVF outcomes?
Giving women different types of virtual reality (VR) sessions prior to sedation for in-vitro fertilisation (IVF) treatment
 [19 day ago]
Green tea may prevent deaths from heart attacks
Love your cup of green tea? Besides playing a role in weight loss and boosting immunity, green tea -- rich in antioxidants
 [20 day ago]
Common toothpaste ingredient linked to colon cancer
Using triclosan, an antibacterial and antifungal agent found in hand soaps and toothpastes among other
 [21 day ago]
Nipah: Don't blame the bats alone, improve public health
The Nipah virus (NiV) infection has claimed 14 lives, from Kozhikode and Malappuram districts of Kerala in the
 [22 day ago]
Hyderabad and Vizag on Nipah radar!
Two Telugu cities Hyderabad and Vizag are put on high alert for the deadly Nipah virus. The virus that is scaring
 [27 day ago]
Weight loss surgery can reduce risk of skin cancer
Bariatric surgery, a weight loss operation, is associated with a 61 per cent decrease in the risk of developing malignant
 [28 day ago]
Can drinking too much water harm you?
Do you drink too much water? Beware, overhydration -- excess fluid accumulation -- can lead to dangerously low sodium
 [29 day ago]
An egg a day may keep heart diseases away
If you thought eating eggs is bad for your heart due to their high cholesterol content, think again. A large study has now shown
 [30 day ago]
First human-to-human heart transplant in eastern India
In what is claimed to be the first human-to-human heart transplant in eastern India, surgeons in a private hospital
 [31 day ago]
Decoded: How chikungunya virus causes arthritis pain
Scientists have identified the molecular handle that chikungunya virus grabs to get inside cells and cause arthritis pain,
 [34 day ago]
Croatia stun Argentina 3-0 to qualify for last 16 stage
Sunil Mittal to be ICC's Honorary Chair
51 per cent people eat potatoes every day
Twitterati logical in mornings, emotional in evenings
Kamal Haasan meets Sonia Gandhi
Congress names three AICC secretaries for Telangana
Telangana reporter ends life after killing children
Kamal Haasan meets Rahul, discusses politics in TN
Anukreethy Vas is Femina Miss India World 2018
J&K placed under Governor's Rule after President's approval
Trump aggressively defends border family separation
J&K unlikely to see normalcy
Delhi deadlock ends, Kejriwal finally quits Raj Niwas
Nasscom launches programme to support women techies
Choreographer makes hoax call to delay plane, arrested
Rahul turns 48
BJP quits J&K government, ends alliance with PDP
Kochhar 'to go on leave'
Yashwant Sinha acquitted in 2008 case
VHP protest outside Hyderabad's US Consulate foiled
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