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Viagra not effective for foetal growth complications
Anti-impotency Viagra drug used to prevent serious growth complications affecting babies in the womb is ineffective,
 [2 day ago]
Exercise, not just diet, can change gut bacteria
If you thought only diet can change the composition of microbes in the gut, think again! Researchers have found evidence that
 [7 day ago]
Red wine makes you feel relaxed, spirits s3xy
If you want to feel relaxed after a hard day, better order wine or beer. Save the spirits for days you need to boost confidence
 [19 day ago]
Overweight women advised to undergo mammography more often
Overweight women should undergo mammography screen tests more frequently than women with lower BMI, suggests
 [21 day ago]
Suffering from diabetes? Stick to these fruits
Diabetes has come to be one of the most dreaded offshoots of modern and hectic lifestyles. In such cases,
 [28 day ago]
'Golden' potato may boost Vitamins A, E
Researchers have developed an experimental "golden" potato with potential to boost levels of essential vitamins to prevent
 [32 day ago]
Poor knowledge of body parts may hamper healthcare
Researchers have found that health screening campaigns that target a specific organ may lack effectiveness if the public have
 [34 day ago]
Why eating whole grains may be more healthy
Regularly consuming whole grain foods such as barley, brown rice, millet, oatmeal and rye may help lose weight as well as
 [39 day ago]
Riding a bike to work as good as gym workout
Are you overweight and have no time for gym? Take heart, you can lose weight just as effectively and fast as you might
 [40 day ago]
Sleepwalkers are better at automatic walking
Sleepwalkers are known to perform complex movements such as walking in the absence of full consciousness. This ability may translate
 [43 day ago]
Decoded: How Zika virus infects developing brain
Researchers have found that the Zika virus is transmitted from mother to a foetus by infected cells that will later
 [44 day ago]
Underweight women at greater risk of early menopause
Women who were underweight as teenagers or in their mid-30s are at greater risk of facing an early menopause compared
 [46 day ago]
Experimental drug may reduce weight of obese people
Researchers have found a drug that targets the appetite control system in the brain and could bring about significant weight
 [48 day ago]
Why depression raises risk of early death in women
Due to the pressure caused by changing societal roles and multiple responsibilities, depression has significantly increased
 [50 day ago]
Father's nutrition before s3x impacts baby's health
A father's diet before s3x can play as important a role as nutrition of the expectant mother in deliveirng a healthy baby,
 [59 day ago]
Is watching hockey stressful for your heart?
Watching a hockey game live or on television may lead to a rise in heart rate, that can have a substantial effect
 [65 day ago]
Gene therapy may help reverse blindness
Researchers have shown that gene therapy might help reverse blindness by reprogramming cells at the back of the eye to become light
 [69 day ago]
How to keep your heart healthy as you age
While advancing age increases the risk of developing cardiovascular disease (CVD), living a healthy life from your youth may help
 [73 day ago]
Some facial creams can even cause death
Some popular brands of facial creams that are advertised as containing "activated carbon" for better results
 [76 day ago]
Preterm babies sleep more independently
Preterm babies have more medical sleep problems such as nocturnal movement, restlessness during the night as compared
 [80 day ago]
Women detail s3xual allegations against Trump
Industrialist Anil Reddy joins BJP
Students intensify stir at CBIT College, caned by police
KTR moots Monorail in IT Corridor
Nakrekal MLA defends remarks against DCCB CEO
BCCI lifts ban on RCA
Indian schoolgirl drowns in Australia
Cong has lust for power only, but TRS thirsty to develop TS
BJP will sweep polls in 2019
Ganta face heat of Beauty pageant!
Congress using Gandhiji sentiment!
Wife given talak after she took part in NaMo rally!
Robbery in smart way at Lalitha Jewelers!
KCR gives a call to complete Kaleswaram works on fast track
Twitter users liking longer tweets more
Viagra not effective for foetal growth complications
Serene Tarnaka turns into concrete jungle!
Modi government spent Rs 3,755 crore on publicity blitz
Sangareddy youth bathe CBN portrait with milk
Kishan appeals to Telugus in Gujarat to vote for BJP
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