Shelved projects leave producers shell-shocked?
Tollywood always goes according to hit combinations and filmmakers and stars plan their projects depending on the craze for the combinations. However despite all this some of the combinations didn’t workout and the projects which were shelved left producers in huge losses leaving them shell-shocked.

Some of the shelved projects and the estimated losses are as follows

Venkatesh Daggubati-Kishore Tirumala

Producer: P. Ram Mohan

Apprx. loss Rs15-20 lakh

Ram Charan-Koratala Siva

Producer: Bandla Ganesh

Apprx. loss Rs1 crore

Vakkantham Vamsi–Jr NTR

Producer: Kalyan Ram

Apprx. loss Rs 25-30 lakh

Ravi Teja’s films with– Chakri, Sudheer Varma and Venu Sreeram

Producer: Dil Raju

Apprx. loss Rs 20-25 lakh

All projects till now

Producer: Suresh Babu

Apprx. loss Rs 4-5 crore

Kishore Tirumala's film Aadavallu Meeku Joharlu with Venkatesh got shelved after he spent a bomb for the script. Same is the case with Vakkantam Vamsi who invested more than a year readying script for his debut film with NTR and the producer even invested 25-30 lakhs. But the project was shelved. 

Suresh Babu, responding on it says “Venkatesh liked the plot line, but the script wasn’t shaping up the way he wanted, so he had to drop the project. However, Kishore was told that he can narrate any script that suits Venky anytime.”

On who bears the losses, Suresh Babu says The producer invests a certain amount of time and money in the ‘development process’, and the fate of the script is decided at this stage. Even after spending several months and a lot of money (to pay writers, script consultants and other expenses) if the script is not shaping up well, then the producer is forced to drop the project rather than make the film and subsequently incur heavy losses. I have lost four to five crores until now because of projects that have been shelved in the scripting stage itself. I could foresee those films becoming a dud at the box office, if they were made. But I paid all the people who worked till that point, so no one objected. This is one of the reasons why corporates are apprehensive to enter Tollywood. On the other hand, some films do shape up well; like the script of my current film with my son Rana and director Teja, which has shaped up beautifully over a period of time.”

Ram Charan's project with Koratala Shiva was launched but the film was shelved giving shock to all. Bandla Ganesh, the producer says “Sometimes, we make films anticipating that the script will turn out well, but unfortunately it does not and the project gets shelved. I have incurred a loss of around one crore. Finally, it is the producer who has to take the risk because it is a business at the end of the day.” 

He adds “If it is a big actor, he will either return the advance or the producer can ask him to retain the amount for their future collaborations. Ditto with the directors. It all depends on how you negotiate with them,”

Maruti adds “Whether it is the producer, director or actor, whoever wants to back out of the project should also discuss about compensating the losses,” Raviteja and Dil Raju parted ways due to remuneration problems. Mahesh, the director says “Established actors and filmmakers quickly move on to their next project,”

He continues “But for a newcomer, it is really tough. If a new actor takes things in his stride and listens to the script, then it’s good, or else, we have to write a fresh script,” He adds “Once script work starts, several others enter into the project and start judging your story. They play spoilsport and things go haywire. So, about 50 per cent of the films get shelved because of poor scripts,” 

Maruti says “My film with Venkatesh did not materialise and I couldn’t come up with another script that suited him, so we got busy with other commitments. The good news is that if a hero connects to a script, he doesn’t mind even if it was rejected by another hero.” Krishna Vamsi, Balakrishna's project Rythu got shelved as they couldn't get Big B Amitabh Bachchan. 

Balakrishna added. “If he fails to accommodate dates for the crucial role of a professor, the project will not happen,” Ramesh Varma, whose films with Naga Chaitanya and Balakrishna never saw the light of day says “Success is the defining factor. Once a director succeeds, naturally, any hero would love to work with him, and so, he doesn’t mind dropping off from an existing project.”

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