Casting Couch - Indignant Chest Beating
" The thing women have yet to learn is nobody gives you power. You just take it". 

A lot  have been said and a lot  has been heard  on the sexual scandal surrounding Harvey Weinstein so far, and the hullabaloo seems to last for its eternity.

The real issue, of course, has been lost in the din.

When there is a lot of noise, common sense is truly uncommon, and the facts are hard to see. 

This doesn't mean I am sympathetic of Harvey and apathetic about those who came out exposing him.

That sexual assault cannot be condoned.

Rapists and sexual predators have no place in society and should be behind bars.

If Weinstein is guilty of it, he ought to bear the full brunt of the law. 

But since when does a sexual proposal constitute sexual assault, even when it comes from a man of power?

Here , Harvey, if the versions of the accusers are to gone by, proposed, the accusers accepted his proposal.

One may call his proposition seeking sex might be called Sleazy, immoral, there’s no shortage of adjectives that can be used here, but to call it sexual assault? uffh.

And for those who carried away by what the accusers had to confess,  many of the allegations and accusations say more about the accusers than about the accused.

One of Weinstein’s victims was reportedly paid $100,000 some years back, presumably to buy her silence. 

Why did she not step forward in the name of the cause back then?

Why wait all these years? Was the money more appealing than justice?

The answer is simple: back then silence was more profitable, so everyone looked the other way, including the victims.

Today the wind is blowing in a different direction, so everyone from Deepika to Priyanka is, all of a sudden, engaged in indignant chest-beating and relentless soul-searching...

In fact, careerism and venality are a recurring challenges of motive in this story.

The casting couch is damning catalyst, the method of conveyance to reach stardom. 

Many women decided to pay the price at the start, may be willingly or unwillingly with a solo motto of grabbing an opportunity.

Now, years later, not without a little help from rigorous feminist indoctrination, they want additional compensation, or another way to be on news.

How valid is it? As the growing noise surrounding the case,  it becomes less of a genuine statement of distress and more of a fad. 

Self-victimization, the airing of one’s inner turmoil, psychological exhibitionism – this is now the in-thing.

And one can surely count on feminism to rise up to the challenge to fight the so called " Male Oppression ".

But it hardly qualifies as male oppression. 

The women want a breakthrough, and they believe it’s their only chance.

They’re there on their own volition, ready to use their sexual powers to launch their careers.

Are they any less guilty than the men at that bar..

If I ask these question I would be called a Male Chauvinist.

The real loser isn’t Weinstein, nor the women who claim to have been victimized by him.

The real loser is the society, which is being held hostage by a feminism that has lost sight of its original goals. 

Far from empowering women, modern feminism is corrupting them – and, as a result, our civilization.

It is an ideology that spreds lies and promotes hatred of others, and erodes the foundations of our society.

" **Be-dam hue beemaar dawaa kyun nahi dete, 

Thum achchhe maseeha ho shifaa kyu nahi dete"** 

" **Breathless had become the patient, why don't you give him the medicine

If you are a messiah, why can't you cure him of the ailment".*

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