Rashmi Gautam wages war against Pakistan
India's blood is boiling after the shocking attack by the terrorist group Jaish E Mohamad killed 42 CRPF jawans in Pulwama,Jammu and Kashmir. PM Modi already warned Pakistan that he has given all the powers to Indian army and they will choose the place and time to avenge the killings. 

In the meantime many Indians are demanding decisive action and netizens are baying for the blood of Pakistani terrorists. In the midst of all, few like Siddhu are shocking all with their support to Pakistan. Some muslims too started supporting and even going to the extent of saying Pakistan zindabad. 

Hot anchor Rashmi turned furious on these acts and started waging a furious war on netizens who are supporting Pakistan. 

Here are some of her angry tweets. 

Abey suuar Tera Pakistan sirf HINDUSTAN KI REHM PE ZINDA HAI  Khule mei ladhna seekho

Humari zindagi ko haram karne ke chakra mei tumhari neende haram HO rakhi hai lol

Haa hum kuute Aur kutti hai kuyki hum imandar Aur vafadar Log hai yeh saari qualities tum jaise poop eaters suuaro mei kaha

Teri Pakistan ki aise ki tesi 

Sale tum nikale hi humane HO bacha samhjke maaf karte rahe hai 

Hum hai tho tum HO 

Varna tum maati ke barabar 

Koi asthitva nahi hai tumhara 

Even few of ur pak states are named after us 

So shut the fuck up

Tu naapak musalmaan hai 

Mazhab pyaar sekhata hai vaar nahi

Ya rite and this is ur master analysis 

Jab problem hoti tho INDIAN ARMY AAO jab problem khatam to INDIAN ARMY JAO 


So stop the resistance and be loyal to your country 

Which come to your rescue every time there is a landslide

I will and if you love them so much u May leave INDIA and settle in Pakistan 

How abt u take that big face of urs and shove it up in some rat hole in ur Pakistan n not tell me what 2 do when some one calls out a zindabad slogan against a shamefull act

Sometimes it’s important to choose sides

Apke hi nation wale ne besharmi  se apke nation ka naam  uchala hai 

Mujhe se kya gufta gu kar rahe ho text that paki brother of urs and give him gyan not me

About Siddhu

At the time of partition he was supposed to go to the other side sadly to our bad luck he stayed back here

Wahi tho samjha rahe hai we have always been a peace loving nation even at this given point my country gives u the benefit of doubt which I don’t think they shud anymore 

And under this ur brother says zindabad and expects us not to react

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