Has Rahul Began To Ruffle A Few Feathers Of BJP?
New Delhi: "With great power often comes great confusion"

The above adage aptly fits to the  present confusion of BJP vis-a-vis taking on Rahul Gandhi, who himself is in a big confusion when it comes in which toilet he must enter to attend the call of nature.

Recently,  Smriti Irani recently told a TV channel that BJP will distribute laddoos the day Gandhi formally takes over as Congress chief -- inferring that his ascension will benefit BJP. 

These are deliberate statements, aimed at implementing a strategy- "Make Rahul  butt of public ridicule".

For that reason, the party goes out of its way to highlight Rahul's  gaffes, inconsistencies and goof-ups in public speeches whenever it can.

 Also, to their  benefit, Congress vice-president gives ample opportunities to them in making their efforts easy.

The idea is to diminish Gandhi's stature through humiliation and ridicule and deny Congress vice-president the equivalence that he demands with Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

As a political ploy, BJP’s strategy is sound.

But, there appears flip side to this strategy and that's where BJP seemed in confusion.

 If the BJP’s primary aim is to create a narrative that Rahul is indeed a "Pappy"  and is a non-serious oponent, then holding a massive public rally in Amethi to coincide with Gandhi's campaign in Gujarat for the upcoming Assembly polls is a strange way to go about it.

Is BJP  trying desperately to divert media attention from Gandhi's Gujarat forays by holding a massive meeting with all the Generals in the forefront in Amethi where no election is being fought.

Well, as political party, BJP has all democratic right to hold a public meeting anywhere it wished.

But, this time such exercise of its constitutional right reflects a strategic confusion.

The strategy to ridicule and reduce Rahul a non-profit serious candidate is one thing and pressing its might to fight him away from battle arena is another.

Both political ploys mutually incompatible and reflects that the think tanks of the BJP are in confusion and in the process projecting Rahul as serious opponent.

You cannot pretend that someone is a political lightweight and then press heavyweight leaders into service to take on his Gujarat programme, from Amethi where no elections are due till 2019.

If the BJP had been confident that the Gandhi scion is destined to remain a political nobody,  then what was the need for the party to field its president Amit Shah, Irani and Uttar Pradesh chief minister Yogi Adityanath in Gandhi's Lok Sabha constituency.

Why did Shah feel the need to level charges of 'neglecting Amethi' against Gandhi and contrast it with 'vikas in Gujarat'?

This clear reflection that the BJP strategists began to fear that Rahul, is no ridicule as being perceived, but is began to cause a worry or two to them.

Though,  it may not admit so in public,  it appears, it has taken note of the fact that the Congress vice-president is slowly gaining traction among the electorate.

It might be early at this stage to suggest that Rahul had grown in stature and would cause a serious threat to BJP's poll prospects in Gujarat, but the seriousness of BJP's response to Gandhi leaves little space for doubt that the party is feeling uneasy. 

If the Congress manages to wrest Gujarat away from BJP, or even turn in a significantly better performance, then the political narrative would have an interesting script  in the run up to the 2019 elections.

Abh ki Baar

Pappu can make others dance yaar.

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