Not A Kiss And Make Up scenario
New Delhi: " Be you ever so high, law is above you" - Thomas Fuller.

They are neither  film actors nor cricketers nor wily politicians, but four experienced eminent Judges of the Highest Court of the Country.

No, they were not addressing a press brief on judgement they delivered in a case, nor they stood before the press for the heck of it.

But, they came and gone public to say that all is not well within the higher echelons of our Judiciary.

In an unprecedented turn of events, four judges of the Supreme Court conducted a press briefing where they raised questions of propriety against the functioning of the apex court.

The  Supreme Court of this country had been like Julius Ceasar’s wife, above criticism, sustaining dignity with occasional aberrations of being overreach.

Today that perception has been scattered when four of its judges went to the public forum to allege that the established conventions and rules that have governed its functioning were being messed up and that our upper-most echelons in the judiciary do not get on, not as having different opinions on specific cases, but in the basic administrative dispensation of justice. 

They mounted a virtual revolt against the Chief Justice of India (CJI) Dipak Misra, as they listed a string of problems that they said were afflicting the country's highest court.

This act of the judges going public had dented the esteem of our Judiciary system.

Now, whether this act of the learned judges going public expressing thier grievances has damaged or enhanced the image of the Supreme Court is yet to be seen.

What collateral damage this will have on cases past and present and how this tussle among the higher echelons of judiciary will be resolved is going to make for a very laborious walk into the future.

As the situation throws a question of who will judge our judges now, the ever cynical and jingoistic Arnab Goswamy of Republic TV pulled out an unforeseen scandal out of this so called war of Judges.

He senses a conspiracy by the Left and the Congress behind the whole crisis.

And in doing so he poured  fuel to further politicize the judicial crisis.

He substantiated his argument citing the meeting between D. Raja of CPI with Justice Chalameshwar at his residence soon after the news conference of the judges.

He attributes the meeting as the politicians reaching out the judges and conspiring with them to create a judicial crisis in the country.

Whatever might be the allegations of Arnab Goswamy, but the damage is already done.

The war of the Judges now manifests  a constitutional crisis  as a result of a political conspiracy of the Left and the Congress, where the judiciary would be a punching bag of  criticism all and sundry, as , the four judges are under the influence of political forces to take up the crisis, or that is what Arnab infers in his scoop.

And the allegations of the Republic TV that the said judges were being under influence of the Left and the Congress would further push the judiciary to become any other institutions of that have been eroded and whose integrity had been undermined.

If Judges themselves have administrative grievances, and one sees a conspiracy in airing their concerns, then  God save this country.

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