Produce Jobs not Quota’s!
  New Delhi: "Reservation system in a democracy is a ploy that confines most people to be average beings and vote banks"

What would a government on its last legs which suffered a setback in assembly elections just a few months before facing general elections would do, to regain its waning credibility?...

..Indulge in politics of appeasement..

Of course, any political party in place of BJP would indulge in such poll ploys.

Therefore, BJP can’t seriously be expected to play bankrupt of ploys when it senses a drift in its traditional base.

Thus, the Modi led BJP government's move to extend 10 percent reservation in central jobs and educational institutions to the EWS among all castes and communities is a "political masterstroke" ...

In a country of a "hyper-polarised polity" where caste equations are integral to politics the government’s move is no doubt, a politically lucrative ploy and a masterstroke.

The BJP and its supporters believe this move will be a game changer for the upcoming polls.

Since, no party  had the appetite to oppose this constitutional amendment bill in Parliament, thier belief  can't be brushed aside as an illusion.

Modi came to power capitalising on the middle-class’ disenchantment with the corruption and economic paralysis brought about by the UPA-2 dispensation.

However, four years down the line all his promises turned out to be mere "Jumlas".

The electoral reverses in recently held assembly elections, which saw revival of the Congress, as also the series of by-election defeats, have forced the Modi regime to scout for a new Jumla that could refurbish its image among these sections.

Thus, the new quota formula suddenly emerged on the policy horizon.

The move also helped the BJP to divert attention from the Rafale deal, on which it is clearly seen on the back foot, and other pressing social and economic issues, on which it was caught on the wrong foot.

The repercussions and impact of this legislation would be much more than merely addressing upper caste angst, regardless of it being painted as  "appeasement of none, justice for all’ kind policy".

The timing of the announcement of the proposed quota is certainly a matter of suspicion.

Thus, this is more poll ploy than a sincere attempt to revisit social justice policy.

Therefore, such a move to consolidate the upper-caste, middle-class vote bank can be politically counterproductive if it sends wrong signals to those who presently avail of reservations.

On the other hand, if the proposed constitutional amendment is challenged, a question that will arise is whether financial backwardness qualifies special treatment.

The Rs 8 lakh ceiling eligibility is the same that makes OBCs that enjoy reservations ineligible.

Thus, the move has potential to create an uneasy parity which might lead to demands to revoke creamy layer clause for OBC reservations.

On the other hand , how will quotas for either forward or backward classes help when the so called fastest growing economy is unable to produce enough jobs and its educated youth are advised to pursue self-employment by selling pakodas by none other than PM himself.

What is more concerning is that the intelligentsia applauding a move that is aimed to demean the purpose of "Affirmative Action" and an attempt to undermine the basic structure of the constitution.

But, however great or laudable the move is, it is dismaying too see those supporting the move to be so ignorant of answers for " Where are the jobs?", question.

It is a manifestation that  Modi had realised that the people are underwhelmed with his performance and he is in need of a desperate measure.

Whether it would help those whom it is intended to help is conjecture of time...

For now, it's the political dividends which will matter the most.

Kya move hai, Sir ji...

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