Review: Venkatapuram
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Producer: Thumu Phani Kumar, Shreyas Srinivas

Director: Venu Madikanti

Music: Achu

Casting: Rahul, Mahima Makhwana, Ajay Ghosh, Ajay, Jogi Naidu, Kasi Vishwanath and others

Rating: 1.75/5.0


Police Officer Ranjith Kumar's friend (Kasi Vishwanath) approaches police to file a missing complaint about his daughter Chaitra (Mahima Makhwana). Venkatapuram SI Durga Prasad (Ajay Ghosh) investigates the case and finds out a chopped dead body of a girl at Bheemili Beach and it was identified as that of Chaitra.

Police on investigation find that Chaitra had a boyfriend Anand (Rahul) who lives in the penthouse of their apartment. Police suspect Anand behind the brutal rape and murder of Chaitra and their suspicion increases when Anand walks into the station with a large sickle in his hand. To unravel the mystery watch Venkatapuram on screen.


Rahul of Happy Days fame tried his best to show variations in his expressions. Though he is OK as a sincere lover, he did not get much chance show different shades. He surprises all with his six pack. Rahul, however, has a lot of work to do to capture the attention of viewers.

Mahima Makhwana on debut looked very young and suited as a college student. She performed well in her role but at times looked too young opposite, Rahul. Her role is limited and did not get much chance to show her talent.

Ajay Gosh is good as police officer who investigates the crime. Ajay played important role appearing in the second half. Others like Kasi Vishwanath, Jogi Naidu got very limited roles and performed accordingly.


Achu's music offered nothing new. A couple of songs are melodious and few fast beats. But all of them acted as speed breakers. Background score is OK to some extent. It could have been better to elevate the film and increase the interest level among movie lovers.

The cinematography of Sai Prakash is beautiful and elevated the interest levels. Editing of Madhu could have been far better. Director Venu Madikanti could have worked on the story and fine tuned the script to do away with the loopholes and drawbacks to make the film more interesting. Production values are good.

Plus Points


Couple of twists

Interval twist


Minus Points

Screenplay, Direction

Many loopholes





Director Venu Madikanti planned to surprise all with a crime thriller. He starts off on an interesting note with a beach side rape and murder and the investigation. From then on story and logic's goes for a toss as the director gets obsessed in establishing the romantic angle between hero and heroine rather than the investigation. The film slowly drags but he manages to end the first half with a good interval twist.

When everyone expects the second half to surprise with twists and turns, songs appear as speed breakers. They break the tempo and in between director fails with his screenplay and direction which dissipate the interest levels among the movie lovers. Second half drags and finally ends with a routine climax.

Though the film is short director's screenplay and direction tested the patience of viewers with missing logic's and lots of loopholes.

Final Talk

Venkatapuram misses the wow factor.

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