Review: Rendu Rellu Aaru
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Producer: Pradeep Chandran, A.Mohan

Director: Nandu

Music: Vijay Bulganin

Casting: Anil, Mahima, Aishwarya Gorak, Naresh, Tagubotu ramesh, Kale Ravi Rao, Pramodini Saroja and others

Rating: 2.0/5.0


Maddy (Anil) and Maggie (Mahima) though they like each other in their childhood, develop hatred as their fathers change their children's minds.

Their hatred reach to such an extent that Maddy and Maggie take revenge on each other and celebrating their other's breakups. Though they try to force their parents to vacate the houses, parents send them to faraway places.

However Raju (Naresh) father of Maggie and Rao (Ravi Kale) father of Maddy get shock of their life when they see Maddy and Maggie return together and express their wish to get married. But Raju and Rao try to break their alliance.

To find out why Rao and Raju is desperate to break their children's alliance, watch Rendu Rellu Aaru on screen.


Anil and Mahima tried their best to attract viewers with their performances. Though they are ok in comedy scenes, they need to work hard on emotional and sentiment scenes. They need lot to do to make impression and get basics of acting right.

Naresh and Ravi Kale impressed with their expressions and emotions. They performed well and elevated the scenes with their action. They impressed with their comic timing. Tagubotu Ramesh provided the comic relief in the film. Others performed according to their roles.


Music of Vijay Bulganin is melodious and situational. Songs are good. Background music elevated the scenes. Janaki Ramarao's editing is ok and could have been better had the drags been cut short. Amarnath Reddy's cinematography is beautiful and enhanced the film's scenes. He captured the natural and scenic beauty of Godavari district.

Nandu could have thrown more light on cardiomyopathy disease and made the film more interesting. Production values are good.

Plus Points


Hilarious scenes

Tagubotu Ramesh

Ravi Kale, Naresh


Few dialogues

Minus Points

Routine story, screenplay, direction

Lack of commercial elements


Lack of twists and turns


Director Nandu tried to generate interest by talking of a rare disease cardiomyopathy. However from then on the film assumes routine template. All the scenes are routine and only relief in the film is the hilarious scenes and performances of Naresh and Ravi Kale. Tagubotu Ramesh's comedy scenes too though routine entertained viewers.

First half ends on interesting note and second half assumes seriousness after sometime. Heavy sentiment and emotion scenes leave viewers looking towards the exit. Nandu's story is nothing new and screenplay and direction is ok. He dragged the film and offered no solution but ended the film abruptly. Viewers who watched the film till the end are left wondering what he is up to and why he spoke of the rare disease when he himself did not have any answer.

Director ended up testing the patience of viewers and offered no real solution or entertainment. Some of the dialogues though routine entertain viewers.

Final Talk

Rendu Rellu Aaru though routine entertains in bits and pieces.

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