Review: Okkadu Migiladu
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Producer: Lakshmi Kanth, SN.Reddy

Director: Ajay Andrews

Music: Siva Nandigama

Casting: Manchu Manoj, Anisha Ambrose, Jennifer, Milnd Gunaji, Suhasini, Posani Krishna Murali and others

Rating: 1.0/5.0


College student Surya (Manoj Manchu) is hounded by Education Minister (Milind Gunaji) and entire police force after he tries to expose the heinous rape and murder of three students by his sons.

Inspector Sivaji (Posani Krishna Murali) and News Channel Reporter Swarna (Anisha Ambrose) tries to help him by getting the appointment of Human Welfare Minister (Suhasini) but she expresses her helplessness along with CM (Murali Mohan).

Inspector Sivaji tries to find out the truth from Surya who then shares the startling truth that he is a Sri Lakan Tamil refugee and reveals how he drew inspiration from LTTE leader Peter (Manchu Manoj) fight against the atrocities committed by the Srilankan Army. To find out how Surya achieved success watch Okkadu Migiladu on screen.


Manchu Manoj tried his best to bring in various in two different roles. He thrilled masses with his ultra aggressive performance and expressions as LTTE leader and also as a student who fights for the justice. Despite his powerful dialogues, he looked out of sync due to his looks and physique. It is high time that he pays attention to his physique and also work to get his expressions and emotions right.

Others like Jennifer, Milnd Gunaji,Suhasini,Posani Krishna Murali didn ot get much scope to perform but they did their roles accordingly.


Siva Nandigama's background score is good in some scenes while in other scenes it is loud. Cinematography of Ramaraja is ok but it could have been better. Karthika Srinivas' editing left lot of drags in the film which affected the pace.

Director Ajay could have worked on the story and the script to make it more relevant to the present environment. He could have added few more twists and turns to correlate the past incidents to the present. Production values are OK.

Plus Points


Few dialogues

Minus Points

Lack of chemistry between lead pair

Lack of commercial elements

Tamil flavor

Story, screenplay, direction

Manoj's physique



Ajay Andrews came decided to remake Tamil film Ravana Devam which hit the screens last year to elevate Manchu Manoj's mass power on the silver screen and present him a hit at the box office.

He concentrated more on elevating the heroism of Manchu Manoj at the expense of story,screenplay and direction. He failed to utlise the star cast of Posani, Suhasini and Murali Mohan to the optimum. Ajay Andrews came with a routine story and added Srilakan Tamil refugee issue to create interest among movie lovers.

But he missed the simple logic and didnot think a minute as to why Telugu movie lovers will get connected to Tamil refugees issue which touches the hearts of Tamil Tambis. In the name of heroism he showed excess violence and failed to elevate human emotions to make any impact.

Entire first half is action packed with routine elements and second half dragged with the director concentrating on showing the passage of Srilankan refugees to India. The film after giving immense torture to movie lovers finally ends with the routine climax.

Over all film's cast and crew ended up dishing out an outdated dish and the staleness in the screenplay scares movie lovers.

Final Talk

Okkadu Migiladu is out and out outdated.

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