Review: Chalo
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Producer: Usha Mulpuri

Director: Venky Kudumula

Music: Mahati Swara Sagar

Casting: Naga Shourya, Rashmika Mandanna, Achyuth Kumar, Naresh, Viva Harsha, Raghu Babu, Posani Krishna Murali, Vennela Kishore, Pragathi, Praveen, Satya, Sudarshan, Rajendran and others

Rating: 2.0/5.0


Unable to bear the problems created by Hari (Naga Shourya), his father (Naresh) sends him to Tiruppuram located in Andhra, Tamil Nadu border in the hope that Hari will mend his ways staying away from his parents.

Hari who loves getting into fights for his happiness, however fall in love with his co student Karthika (Rashmika Mandanna). However he will be in for a trouble as Tiruppuram is known for fights between Tamils and Telugus and while Hari is a Telugu guy, Kartika  happens to be a Tamil Ponnu.

To find out the twists and turns watch Chalo on silver screen.


Naga Shourya slipped into the role of a youngster who has a unique habit of enjoying fights. He performed well with his expressions and emotions. His body language suited the role quite well. However he should improve upon his dialogue delivery and expressions even more to make powerful impact.

Rashmika Mandanna on debut is OK with her looks. She looked like Priyamani in some angles. She looked hot in few scenes and in songs. she is OK with her performance. Satya, Posani Krishna Murali and Vennela Kishore attracted with their comedy in some scenes.

Naresh did the role of the father quite natural way. Others like Achyth Kumar, Raghu Babu, Praveen, Sudarshan, Rajendran performed according to their roles.


Mahati Swara Sagar's music is OK. Couple of songs are melodious. But one feels that the songs could have been shot in a even better manner. Background music is apt for the scenes. Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao's editing is OK but there are many drags in the film.

Sai Sriram's cinematography is beautiful and captured the natural locations in a attractive manner. Venky Kudumula could have added few more interesting twists and turns to increase the interest of the movie lovers. Production values are good.

Plus Points

Naga Shourya

Couple of comedy scenes

Few songs



Minus Points

Routine story

Predictable screenplay and direction

Lack of commercial elements

Lack of real twists and turns

Stale narration


Venky Kudumula on debut as a director decided to come with a routine love story in linguistic backdrop. The entire first half passes half with few comedy scenes and routine scenes in college backdrop. Story moves a bit in the second half but the predictable narration tests the patience of the movie lovers.

To make up for it, Venky included few comedy scenes but most of the scenes turned out to be routine. However scenes involving Posani, Satya and Vennela Kishore along with Naga Shourya brought few relief for viewers from the stale narration.

Venky managed to engage viewers with routine elements to some extent. He followed the template story, screenplay and direction without taking any risk. The story is of the 80s and narration too do not inspire any confidence. Chalo turns out to be a below average affair with very few commercial elements in the routine romantic youthful entertainer which tests the patience of the movie lovers.

Final Talk

Chalo gives the feeling of Chalta Hai.

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