Review: Touch Chesi Chudu
  Banner: Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Productions

Producer: Nallamalapu Bujji, Vallabhaneni Vamsi Mohan

Director: Vikram Sirikonda

Music: JAM 8( Apprentice band of Pritam)

Casting: Raviteja, Raashi Khanna, Seerat Kapoor, Fredy Daruwala, Murali Sharma, Satyam Rajesh, Jaya Prakash, Vennela Kishore, Suhasini and others

Rating: 1.25/5.0


Family comes first for Karthikeya (Raviteja) head of Karthikeya Industries in Pondicherry. He gives his consent to his parents to get married but fails to impress Pushpa (Raashi Khanna) and after repeated attempts emerge successful.

In the midst of his happy life, his sister happen to witness a brutal murder and Karthikeya much to his shock finds out that dreaded and notorious criminal Irfan Lala (Freddy Daruwala) is alive.

To find out what is the enmity between Karthikeya and Irfan Lala and his relation with Divya (Seerath Kapoor), enjoy Touch Chesi Chudu on silver screen.


Raviteja slipped into the role tailor made for him with ease and in an effortless manner. Raviteja attracted with his body language, mannerisms, expressions and emotions .He attracted with his dialogue delivery and accent. He surprises with his slim look and young features. Despite showing high energy levels, there are many scenes where one gets a feeling that Raviteja's movements is getting slow and even age is showing up on his face and features despite the best makeup. Raviteja impresses as a person who fails to impress girls and also as a powerful police officer.

Raashi Khanna looked gorgeous and stunningly beautiful in some scenes and in the songs. Her liplock with Raviteja drive masses crazy. She did not get much scope to perform. Seerath Kapoor attracted with her glamour show in songs and did not get any chance to show her acting talent.

Freddy Daruwala, Murali Sharma,Satyam Rajesh,Jaya Prakash,Vennela Kishore,Suhasini,Shayaji Shinde  performed according to their roles.


Music looked pretty ordinary. Even background score failed to elevate the scenes. Cinematography of Chota K Naidu and Richard Prasad captured the scenes in a beautiful and realistic manner giving maximum impact.

Gautam Raju's editing could have been far better throughout the film as there are many drags in it. Director Vikram Sirikonda could have come with some novel plot and twists and turns to increase interest among movie lovers. Production values are below average.

Plus Points


Interval block


Minus Points

Story, Screenplay, Direction

Raviteja looks




Routine narration

Lack of twists and turns


Vikram Sirikonda came with out and out mass entertainer to throw Ravi Teja in powerful mass role and score a hit. He showed Raviteja as a innocent, caring family loving person who has a powerful flash back. Many films came with such storyline and even powerful flash back is seen in numerous films.

The entire first half is full of silly scenes with Raviteja trying to win the heart of the heroine. Vikram Sirikonda passed time in the hope of Raviteja's mannerisms attracting masses. First half ends with powerful interval block to increase interest among movie lovers. Second half is loaded with emotions and sentiment scenes and the film finally ends with the most routine pre climax and climax scenes.

Vikram Sirikonda came with stale and uninspiring plot and failed with his script, story,s creenplay and direction. Many wonder why Mass Raja Raviteja gave green signal for such stale project bereft of any entertaining and thrilling elements.

Final Talk

Touch Chesi Chudu - Better not Touch it.

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