Review: 24 Kisses
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Producer: Ayodhya Kumar, Anil Pallala, Sanjay Reddy

Director: Ayodhya Kumar Krishnamsetty

Music: Joi Barua

Casting: Adit Arun, Hebba Patel, Rao Ramesh, Naresh, Sriniasa Kapavarapu, Aditi Myakal, Kishore Gundala and others

Rating: 1.5/5.0


Anand Kumar (Adit Arun), a short filmmaker shares his psychological problems with psychiatrist Dr.Ramamurthy (Rao Ramesh).

Anand who is kind hearted and caring towards children suffering from malnutrition, has strong views about love, marriage, se*, relation and family and gets along with his friends and known people, however gets into trouble, when he gets attracted towards his student Srilakshmi (Hebba Patel).

To find out the secret behind 24 Kisses between Anand Kumar and Srilakshmi and the consequences of it, enjoy 24 Kisses on screen.


Adit Arun is OK with his performance. He played his role well as a youngster with strong views about relations, marriage,se* and life. However he came with only one expression for everything. He should improve his expressions to reach the next level.

Hebba Patel attracted with her looks and glamor. The chemistry between Adit and Hebba and the intimate, kissing scenes attracts all.

Rao Ramesh irritates with his performance and makeup. Naresh performed well in his role and others got limited scope to perform.


Joi Barua's music is melodious and couple of songs are foot tapping and attractive. All the songs are well shot and lyrics are good. However the film has too many songs and with songs coming every 2 minutes, it tested the patience of the viewers, dragging the film completely.

Vivek Philip elevated the scenes with his background score. He made the right impact with his soothing and impactful background score.

Uday Gurrala's cinematography beautified the film capturing the scenes in a realistic manner. The color combination and natural flavor added a new appeal to the film on screen.

Aalayam Anil failed with his editing. Editing turned out to be pathetic as he left numerous drags in the film. The slow pace left movie lovers run towards the exit doors. However he couldn't be faulted as had he used the scissors the film's length wouldn't have come more than that of the teaser and trailer.

Director Ayodhyakumar should have worked on the story, script and screenplay before proceeding ahead with the project. He felt the title itself would pull crowds to the theaters but though to some extent it may be true, the negative talk spreads like wild fire. 24 Kisses is an example of how not to make a film and Ayodhya Kumar failed in all the 24 crafts. Production values are good.

Plus Points




Hebba, Adit's lip locks


Minus Points


Story, Screenplay, Direction



Songs placement

Misfired message

Confusion and lack of clarity


Ayodhya Kumar who won national award with his debut film Minugurulu, this time generated lot of interest with his second project 24 Kisses. Even before the film release it created numerous controversies with the intense intimate and liplock scenes.

Ayodhya Kumar who assured that the film is not all about kisses, tried to highlight the human emotions, feelings, bondings,  s**, family, relations etc and even tried to give strong message to the society touching upon the malnutrition among children in the country.

Though the idea was good, he failed with his story, screenplay and direction. In his effort to highlight 24 kisses significance and malnutrition, he ended up repeating the same dialogues and at one point hit a roadblock. Unable to come out of it, he without any clarity and with immense confusion came with a film that turned out to be semi pron.

Right from the start to finish, not a single scene generates interest and viewers with in ten minutes knocked the exit doors. Ayodhya Kumar who touched stars with Minugurulu,crash landed rock bottom with 24 Kisses. What a fall from grace for him.

Final Talk

24 Kisses-24 crafts blunders.

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