Review: Robo 2.0
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Producer: Subaskaran

Director: Shankar

Music: A R Rahman

Casting: Rajinikanth, Akshay Kumar, Amy Jackson, Sudhanshu Pandey, Adil Hussain, Kalabhavan Shajoh, Riyaz Khan and others

Rating: 2.75/5.0


When the people of Chennai City much to their disbelief find their cell phones missing and the city witness mysterious deaths, Union Home Minister and Telecommunication Minister, hold a high end meeting with various eminent scientists, including Dr.Vaseegara (Rajinikanth).

He recommends bringing back Chitti (Robot Rajini), which was dismantled as per the High Court orders.  However this was not readily sanctioned and military was deployed to solve the problem.

But situation gets out of control and Dr.Vaseegara (Rajinikanth) along with his assistant, Human Robot Vennela (Amy Jackson), revive Chitti (Rajinikanth) to take on the highly powerful force.

To find out the secret behind the highly powerful force and what is the motive of that powerful force Pakshi Raja (Akshay Kumar), enjoy 2.0 on screen.


Rajinikanth performed according to his role. He as Vaseegara showed good emotions and slipped into the role effortlessly. As a Robot Chitti and the updated versions 2.0 etc, he attracted with his mannerisms and dialogues. His performance is a treat to watch to his diehard fans. However movie lovers get disappointed as they miss his real emotions as most of the time, he is seen as Robot going through the motions.

Amy Jackson got limited role to play in the film as the Robotic assistant of Vaseegara. She as a robot did not get much chance to showcase her acting skills as all she needed to do was pass through the motions. This robbed the real entertainment and romantic feeling of Rajinikanth and Miss World Aishwarya Rai in Robot. This turned out to be the major drawback in the film.

Akshay Kumar, Bollywood Khiladi made his debut in south with his film. He performed well in the role of Pakshi Raja. He showed numerous emotions and also showed his villianism. However for the major part of the film he too was seen covered with graphics and VFX. Movie lovers miss seeing Akshay Kumar and Khiladi’s real expressions and acting talent. Wonder why makers always show Bollywood stars as old persons in their south debut.

Others performed according to their roles.


Rahman’s music and background is according to the plot. However the magic of Rahman of the olden days is clearly missing. There is only one song and it did not make much impact on the viewers. Similarly though the background score is good, it followed a particular template and did not elevate the heroism of Rajini or the important action scenes.

Cinematography of Nirav Shah is top class. He captured the locations in a beautiful manner and elevated the scenes accordingly. VFX and Graphics in the film are of world class giving a unique feeling to the viewers.

Editing of Antony could have been better as there are many drags and repetitions in the film.

Shankar could have added few more twists and turns and concentrated on emotions rather than depending completely on graphics. Production values are grand.

Plus Points

Rajinikanth’s stardom

Environmental connection



Minus Points

Missing emotions

Music, BGM


Screenplay, Direction

Stale narration

Lack of romance, entertainment

Lack of real twists and turns

Repetitive scenes

Missing elevation of characters


Shankar who is known to send powerful messages to the society and at the same time entertain masses with his narration, of late has been missing the mark at the box office. After Baahubali, he decided to break all records with 2.0, sequel for his blockbuster film 2.0.

Shankar starts off on an interesting note with missing cell phones and the ministers, scientists and higher officials trying to find out the mystery. Shankar introduced to various technical terms which at times may confuse common people but the graphics and VFXs in the film as the narration progresses, gives them a different feel altogether.

The first half ends on a interesting note with Vaseegara finding out the problem and the entire second half is all about finding a solution. As the story progress, narration slow down during the flashback and the extensive use of graphics and VFXs, though gave a new feel to the movie lovers, it gave a feeling that Shankar robbed them off the real emotions and bonding between the various actors.

Shankar’s story is nothing new but he tried to send massage to the society with the over usage of technology and the negative effects involved in it.  The story reminds one of Aparichitudu in many ways and Robot shades are very much there right from the start to finish. It gave a feeling that many scenes are dragged as watching VFX and Graphics scenes, one gets a feeling that the scenes repeated though situations changed. He missed many logics in his screenplay and direction. Overall it ended up as an average to above average fare, high on technology and low on emotions.

Final Talk

2.0: Too high on technology, 0 on emotions.

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