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Nationalism - A Vicious Propaganda Broadcast
“Hide behind the Jingoistic Nationalism to avoid honest debate” “Sadkon se lekar sarhad thak, Pehle Indian, phir Oil” (From streets to the
 [8 hrs ago]
Ye Asahaneey Khamoshi Kyu (Why This Unbearable Silence)
On Friday morning, the TV screens across the country were airing a spectacle that was never seen before, since the midnight
 [6 day ago]
Not A Kiss And Make Up scenario
" Be you ever so high, law is above you" - Thomas Fuller. They are neither  film actors nor cricketers nor wily politicians, but four experienced 
 [8 day ago]
Is Rajini Playing BJP's Political Script???
“Evaro Vastharani, Edo Chestharani, Eduru Choosi Mosa Pokuma” (don’t wait to get deceived that someone would come, would do something)
 [17 day ago]
Triple Talaq Bill-An Intellectual Form Of Anti Muslim Hatred
“Religion is like a pair of reading glasses.....Find one that fits your sight, but don't make me sport your spectacles.”
 [20 day ago]
No One Stole 2G Spectrum - It's All Hawa Hawaai
" Men are often biased in their judgment on account of their sympathy and their interests"
 [24 day ago]
Will BJP learn from Gujarat setback?
For the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) to have struggled to cross the 100-seat mark in Gujarat when it was boasting about
 [34 day ago]
Decoding Gujarat Exit Polls
Spreading a campaign of lies is a good way to win an election, and also a good way to wreck a country
 [37 day ago]
Can The PM's Allegations Be Left As Mere Election Tactics?
“All democracies turn into dictatorships — but not by coup. The people give their democracy to a dictator”.
 [40 day ago]
Why This Emotional Hatyachaar?
When a man's neck's in danger, he  thinks about  and bargains too much on sentiment. Given the traditional fluctuating
 [43 day ago]
Gujarat Polls - Kya Hoga "Rama" Re
" People will believe a lie because they want to believe it's true, or because they are afraid it might be true".
 [45 day ago]
Casting Couch - Indignant Chest Beating
" The thing women have yet to learn is nobody gives you power. You just take it".
 [46 day ago]
Telangana - The Ghost Of Suicides Still Haunting
" One does not establish a dictatorship in order to safeguard a revolution; one makes the revolution in order to establish the dictatorship”.
 [47 day ago]
CBN - Getting Ready To Play A New Avatar
" Two drowning people can't save each other. All they can do is drag each other down.” Is Chandra Babu Naidu began to script
 [50 day ago]
Patriots' League - Shouting Dead The Seditious
“The greatest patriotism is to tell your country when it is behaving  foolishly, violently.”
 [53 day ago]
Telangana Trumpet Won't Blow At Global Meet
The state of Telangana is the main Item of the news for the last one week, at least in the vernacular local Telugu channels and media
 [55 day ago]
YS Jagan- Relying Too Much On babu-Bashing
When YS Jagan first embraced politics, he was challenging a powerful opponent and difficult political circumstances, while he was being
 [56 day ago]
It Is Time To Change The Script, Rahul
One who doesn't recognise an opportunity is bigger loser than one who tries his hand at an opportunity
 [63 day ago]
Abh Darna kya - Why fear "Mitron"
Is BJP is in such jitters that it has been mulling the idea of postponing the winter session?
 [63 day ago]
Disentombing The Nizam Alive From The Grave
“Polarizing people is a good way to win an election, and also a good way to wreck a country”. 
 [69 day ago]
Many join TRS in Tandur
Villagers preserved them as precious; but yuck..!!
Australian Open: Paes-Raja crash out
Congress has been India's main pillar of politics: Modi
Dattatraya averse to be a governor
Action against Mothkupally?
Decoded: How Zika virus impairs foetal development
Krishna Madiga denied bail again
Uttam threatens mass agitation against changes in PR Act
KCR developing his own district
NRI Manisha Singh sworn in as Assistant Secretary of State
Trump ends year as 'most unpopular' president
'I don't regret' firing man who wrote anti-diversity memo
New Facebook update to prioritise trustworthy news
Don't fret over conceiving with irregular periods
U-19 World Cup: India thrash Zimbabwe in last group tie
Polavaram-affected tribals should be rehabilitated first
Telangana signs MoU with Clean Authority of Tokyo
Hyd HC orders fresh probe into AP student's murder
KCR spoke lies during India Today Conclave
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