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Love In Other’s Inbox
“Once upon a time I was falling in Love, now I am only falling apart” Recall Revathy’s 2002 directorial debut “Mitr, My Friend”
 [5 day ago]
T-Congress: Time To Cleanse The Rust
“Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity”.
 [14 day ago]
Laugh: New Ameerpet coaching classes
With Trump decision to build Mexico wall, to meet the market demand, we are pleased to introduce new set
 [14 day ago]
Politics In Filmy Style
There’s a difference between silly and stupid. Silly can be endearing and enjoyable
 [32 day ago]
Is Gandhi Irrelavant Now??
“Almost any sect, cult, or religion will legislate its creed into law if it acquires the political power to do so.”
 [33 day ago]
The Sad Reality Behind Patroitic Jingoism
“Patriotism: the curious notion that barbarism becomes a virtue when it reaches jingoistic proportions.”
 [34 day ago]
Chiru - Khaidi Of His Own Follies
“Sometimes fans like their stars for their folly, better than for their wisdom.”
 [38 day ago]
Is Silence Of The Public A Justification Of Demonetisation?
“Nothing strengthens authority so much as silence of the people.” Since the demonetization of Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes
 [52 day ago]
Mock As You May, But Answer Me
Narendra Modi might have the gift of articulating to bully pulpit and laugh of the charges of much hyped “earth quake” sound bites
 [56 day ago]
Rahul - Wajah Tum Ho
“If you can't win by reason, go make noise.” I just saw “Wajah Tum Ho”( You are the Reason), Bollywood’s
 [61 day ago]
War For The Political Supremacy
“The Leaders declare the war, while it’s the people who fight and die”. The ongoing Indian political discourse appears to be a straight
 [69 day ago]
Jayalalithaa: A shy actress who became Queen of Tamil Nadu
She was a shy girl when she first stepped into the movie world. Decades later, by when she was one of the most popular actors in Tamil,
 [75 day ago]
Everyone Else Is Corrupt, Except Me
“You don't say 'they all indulge in corruption' unless you know you've been indulging in it too.”
 [81 day ago]
Arrogance Of Fake Morality
"Patriotism is superstition artificially created and manufactured through a network of falsehoods"
 [86 day ago]
“Are You In Support Of Modiji Or Not?”
It’s all, “Mirror, mirror on the wall” I am the fairest of them all” Ghar mein shaadi hai, paise nahin hai...' Prime Minister Narendra Modi said
 [92 day ago]
War Between Morals
"How can one be well. When one suffers morally??" If the demonetisation move can be seen as a "Great Event",
 [96 day ago]
Stop Emotional Hatyachar
"Life, unlike cash, doesn't come in Black & White, but comes in different shades".
 [97 day ago]
Nothing, But A Political Grand Standing
“A Government audacious enough not to give you Achche Din is strong enough to drag all your honest savings into Banks that have become Non-Performing Assets”
 [98 day ago]
A middle class man's honest OPEN letter to PM
I have a small industry in Balanagar Hyderabad. My industry turn over is about 2 lakhs per month. This means per year it is 24 lakhs.
 [98 day ago]
Demonetisation – A Mere Window Dressing???
“Black money is so much a part of our white economy, a tumour in the centre of the brain - try to remove it and you kill the patient.”
 [100 day ago]
This smartphone app can help speak language of eyes!
Americans want Democrats to work with Trump
Priyanka visits Hyd....TS Cong has no info!
'Kodanda reveals his true colours'
Naidu writes to PM for more funds
Trump: Nikki Haley doing 'awfully' good job for us
Trump time: Fake news, real leaks & a surreal show!
Protesting DMK MLAs taken into custody
Fiber grid to kill media freedom!
KCR vows to wipe tears of kin of scribes
Secret Ballot for Confidence motion
AP official amasses illegal assets worth crores
NRI Congressman seeks probe into Flynn-Russia interactions
Sreesanth writes to Vinod Rai for revocation of ban
Modi greets KCR on birthday
Will issue new executive order on immigration
CBN mortgaged self-respect to New Delhi
GHMC bags 25 awards at Garden Festival
“Mentally deranged” TTDP leaders uttering lies
Charred body of woman found in Hyderabad
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