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Ban on crackers: Saffron angst about judiciary
The Sangh Parivar is displeased with the judiciary. Its latest grouse is about the Supreme Court's ban on crackers.
 [2 day ago]
Lakshmi's NTR - A Controversy In The Making
"If a man isn't willing to take some risk for his opinions, either his opinions are no good or he's no good".
 [6 day ago]
Has Rahul Began To Ruffle A Few Feathers Of BJP?
"With great power often comes great confusion" The above adage aptly fits to the  present confusion of BJP vis-a-vis
 [11 day ago]
Amaravati - The Goli Soda
“Ambition is fine, but outlandish ideas are not” The Telugus in their fifties, including Chandrababu Naidu,
 [25 day ago]
Bathukamma - More A Game Of Votes Than Flowers
"In this country we sacrifice only goats and sheep. Why not tigers and lions”, thus spoke Dr. BR.Ambedkar.
 [26 day ago]
Revanth Reddy - The Fable Crow
“Political perception is limited to what the Politician’s mind is prepared to comprehend”  Of late, Revanth Reddy, the once energetic
 [30 day ago]
Hyderabad's child bride racket revives memory of Ameena
The busting of a child-bride racket involving elderly Arabs has revived the memory of the 1991 incident when 11-year-old Ameena Begum
 [31 day ago]
Social media influence increasing suicides
Suicide is increasing in the younger generation due to the influence of the social media, peer pressure, alcohol and drug usage.
 [43 day ago]
The Buck Stopped Nowhere
Your audience change according to your performance
 [50 day ago]
The Jumla Of Numbers
"Society has become so "FAKE" that the truth actually pinches the public" The public of this nation was taken for a fantasy ride,
 [53 day ago]
YS Jagan - The Political “Macbeth”
“Voting in an Eelection is a method used to determine which politician was most able to brainwash you.” 
 [54 day ago]
BJP playing caste card knowing it won't get the Muslim vote
When the Supreme Court excluded the "creamy layer", or the well-off sections, among the backward castes from the benefits
 [58 day ago]
A Fight To Finish
"Always, everywhere, in politics everything comes to a fight, and morals always come to an end".
 [80 day ago]
BJP Juggernaut Moves On
The likely political scenario as viewed through Bihar Prism: "Nothing remains static in Politics"....Or...in other words, Everything that appears,
 [86 day ago]
Rug Probe Vertically Splits Tollywood!!!
The drug scandal seemed to have divided Tollywood with divergent
 [87 day ago]
Venkaiah - Politely Been Removed From Active Politics
“In political activity men sail a boundless and bottomless sea; there is neither harbor for shelter nor floor for anchorage, neither
 [95 day ago]
Shastri, Dravid and Zaheer know how to get along
Ever since the glorified designation of chief national coach came into Indian cricket's lexicon, speculation and controversy
 [100 day ago]
Alarm over use of 'highly destructive' drugs by Hyd students
Shocking facts revealed during investigations of a narcotic drug racket busted here last week have sent alarm
 [104 day ago]
GST - The Test Of India's Economy
“Marketing is so powerful that it can make even an extremely untalented musician a one-hundred-hits wonder.” 
 [114 day ago]
The Democratic Dictator
“Somehow, people always forget that it's much easier to install a dictator than to remove one”
 [118 day ago]
GST is Gabbar Singh Tax: Rahul Gandhi
Why depression raises risk of early death in women
Trump defends social media use, says it won him election
Body found near missing Indian toddler's home in Texas
Job to every house for land to Textile Park
Cong, TRS 2 sides of same coin
KCR alone didn’t bring T State
Shabbir ridicules KCR plan to scrap ration shops
KCR lays stone for Rs 3,900-cr Kakatiya Textile Park
Hockey: India beat Malaysia to win Asia Cup for 3rd time
Latham, Taylor guide Kiwis to victory
Kancha condemns TG’s fatwa to hang him in street
VH urges Cong men not to oppose Revanth’s entry
India rout Pakistan 4-0 to enter Asia Cup hockey final
Road mishap kills YCP leader and his mother!
WhatsApp to soon give more powers to group administrators
Naidu undergoes angioplasty at AIIMS
Trump's Empire State Building drawing fetches $16,000
Jagan seeks exemption from personal appearance
Congress should apologize to farmers for their sins
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