A Big Magic Show
  New Delhi: "What are politicians, if not great magicians"

There is a saying that "politics is Art of possibilities", but the present political discourse across the country reflects an innovation to it that "Politics is Art of Magic".

It's all like uttering "Abracadabra" and "Khul ja Sesame" and the politician gets standing ovation.

It's disbelief in magic that is forcing the gullible public into believing the government and its business of being an effort for their betterment.

Mesmerised by slogans and catchphrases like, Achche Din, Digital India, Make in India, Skill India and so on... the political discourse in the country has turned into a "Big Magic Show".

Mired in these catchphrases which sound like Abracadabra, the people seemed to be in a trance and forgot to question whether the economy is creating enough jobs or the Ganga is any cleaner or the blackmoney was really weeded out of the economy, or  the terrorists have really been chcked..

It's complete entrancement of the citizens by the "Mahan Neta", who had morphed into a cult figure.

The politics in the country have become magic acts hypnotising the people.

From tours to foriegn countries to addressing election rallies, it's all stage magic and the Mahan Neta excelled in transforming the false narrative into conventional wisdom like a magician who could even give Houdini a run for his money.

With an act of Hypnotist, he managed to charm the people that he is thier messaiah and the Congress was guilty of all the wrongdoings.

His opponents gleefully watched him performing trick after trick, pulling the rabbits out of the hat, but before they could understand, he had already cast a spell and they are in the straightjacket.

His magic included hypnosis like his ability to convince the masses on "Gujarat Model", which was nothing out of the ordinary in terms of parameters of economic and social development.

In 2005, he declared that the Gujarat State Petroleum Corporation had discovered a 20 trillion  cubic foot reserve of gas worth 50 billion US dollars in KG basin.

Over a decade, Rs 20, 000 crores worth tax payers money was drowned in Bay of Bengal and a scathing CAG report later, there is no sign of windfall, even as Ambanis smiled all the way to profits.

Yet, he  had faced no  allegtations even from people and media who considered CAG reports as gospel with respect to the 2G spectrum scam under UPA regime.

His turning Madison Square into a sort of Indian political programme and speeches adoring NRIs and foriegn powers in his frequent flight mode effort had resulted in few practical gains.

The Pakistan policy is in shambles, Nepal and Mongolia had moved further into China's orbit, China continues to be an obstacle to our entry into NSG, US is making H1-B visas harder to get, Russia is getting closer to Pak.

In the guise of Digital economy, the people are now being subjected for "Coin Tricks" and it is turning out to be subtle art of picking pockets.

Our wallets are under his hat now, while you have zero rupees in your pocket, you are paying service charge for keeping your wallet under his hat.

Soon the magician is all set to roll out GST. Considering how clumsily he handled the DeMo, the GST too appears woefully unreharsed..

The hypnotist with his acts of Houdini is getting standing ovation because the act of opponents is pathetic.

No human can walk on water, but our Mahan Neta created a passable illusion of it, that's enough to cast a spell on the public and turn politics into an Art of Magic.

Dream delivers us dream and there is no end to illusion and to the emergence of Magicians.

Everything is fine today, that's our illusion.

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