Indira Park - A Sad Reminder Of Political Opportunism
Hyderabad: “The truth is we're all dying, the lie is we're all living.”

Nowhere in the world, is the art of politics over dead bodies put on practice with such a brazen manner than during the course of Telangana movement.

When both the political leadership and intellectuals that led the Telangana movement were anointing Martyrdom to the suicides of innocents, it was nothing but sheer politics over dead bodies and a total political madness at its highest.

In an act of brazenness they projected the number of suicides as a “benchmark” of sacrifice for Telangana cause to measure the intensity and severity of the movement.

To say that the movement was mere “politics over dead bodies” might not be cynical, if one ponders over the efforts of the present ruling dispensation led by KCR to turn both the Telangana Martyrs Memorial at the Gun Park and the Indira Park as just footnotes in the history of Telangana movement.

Both these historical places would no more remain, if things go as planned by KCR, as symbols of bravery and martyrdom.

Paradoxically, both the Gun Park and the Indira Park (the Jantar Mantar of Hyderabad) might turn into sad reminders of political opportunism from where scores of innocent students were subverted to lay down their lives by self-centered politicians who promised a colorful world.

Though, it could be hailed as a victory of/for/by the democracy, one fears, this same democracy might turn pathological, for the one who has the deep sense of understanding of the “emerging discourse of politics” in the fledgling state of Telangana.

The government of the new state appears to be blind to the “Rule of the Law”. There are no signs of principles of democratic governance, rather one gets the impression that the party rule that was hall mark of integrated state has now metamorphosed into a feudal family rule. The Telangana state now appears to be a relic of a “Feudal Estate”.

When, recently, the Grandson of KCR, stood in for him to present the silk clothes to Lord Sri Ram at Bhadrachalam temple, the people of Telangana have begun to closely experience how the distinction between the state and its first family has been obliterated and obfuscated in the last three years.

The Nizamate was abolished in 1948 and the Nizam was deposed. But the creation of Telangana has created a neo Nizam, was the sense that began to grip the discerning observers of political discourse in Telangana.

In KCR’s raj, all powers are concentrated with him and the rest of the cabinet ministers are virtually nobodies with little say in policy making and decision taking.

To say in one sentence, the Institution of Telangana has acquired a form of “Rule of Feudalism” from “Capitalist-Democratic” form.

It has begun to woo investors from among the so called ‘Andhra capitalists’ against whose ‘occupation of Hyderabad’ the whole Telangana movement was directed.

Thus, many analysts feel that once Telangana was created, it is all back to business with the same guys lording over, once again.

When KCR decided to move Dharna Chowk from Indira Park and when he deployed police forces to suppress democratic rallies, he appeared to unleash a “backlog of fears and repressions” which, when combined with the present style of governance, creates a sort of apprehension among the people who had fought for Telangana with great expectations.

KCR has closed the doors on all associates who were part of the Telangana movement. He refuses to acknowledge all those who fought for Telangana.

These people including Kodandaram, who played a key role in the achievement of Telangana, hardly match KCR’s political manoeuvrings and find themselves left high and dry.

KCR may have turned into a Nizam, but he is highly popular among the masses.

Three years after the creation of the new states, the backward communities still swear by him. This is courtesy the large number of sops that KCR has given/promised them, including to shepherds, barbers, weavers, fishermen and potters.

Thanks to the helpless opposition that has no clue to match KCR at his perception battle, and the inability of the BJP to turn an alternative, KCR might continue with his feudal style of ruling.

Apparently KCR is communicating to Modi that his party will be part of NDA if required and will support their nominee for the presidential and vice presidential elections.

KCR’s strategy is to accept New Delhi’s suzerainty if he is allowed to have a free run in Hyderabad.

This is quite like the Nizam’s rule where the British allowed the potentate to lord over his state in lieu of support for the Empire.

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