A Fight To Finish
Gujaratt: "Always, everywhere, in politics everything comes to a fight, and morals always come to an end".

An All out war for one RS seat..

...seems ridiculous, but sounds serious, if we decode the events for the last several days..

They reflect only one perception that the RS elections in Gujarat promises to be a Fight to the finish...

Never before, in the history of RS elections, no such drama was witnessed, which is usual witnessed in an election for a mayor of Municipal corporation, where corporates were subjected for poaching and counter-poaching.

What we are witnessing are not mere strategies and tactics of political parties, but A war of conspiracies.

It's a conflict between managerial skills of Amir Shah and Ahmed Patel, a low key, but powerful backroom player.

Thus, the election is a prestige battle for these two wily politicians.

BJP can easily win two of three seats, but it has other ideas, no not just, given its greed for expansion, but..

...To deny Patel a victory, by hook or crook.

The war bugle was sounded when BJP influenced Shankar Singh Waghela to shift camps.

Sensing the poaching skills of Shah, Congress shifted its Herd to safer pastures.

But, Shah, the hunter did not rest there.

In a surprise move EC came up with NOTA clause, forcing  Congress to cry foul saying that it was a deliberate move to confuse the legislators.

While the EC engaged the Congress on NOTA issue, IT,  another Arm ,of the government was deployed to raid the Bengaluru resort owned by DK Shivkumar, Karnataka Minister, where Gujarat Herd of the Congress is safe housed.

This forced Congress to create ruckus in RS... anointing another ill repute that Congress always disrupts the house proceedings on trivial matters.

What makes Shah to go all out war on Patel is that a defeated Patel manifests erosion of his moral authority on Congress and undermines Sonia Gandhi's position.

The consequence further puts BJP to chest Thump that it had uprooted the strong pillar of the Congress party.

Such rhetoric would further demoralize the congress rank and file, particularly in Gujarat, which is heading for elections.

Thus, the RS election in Gujarat is more a personal battle, after all Patel was the mastermind behind a series of cases filed against Shah and Modi during UPA regime.

But, in the whole melee, Patel, who was hardly known to the public suddenly acquired a national stature...before, this few would have known him to be a RS member, including this writer.

Thanks to Amit Shah's desperate gamble, Patel is in the National Headlines.

If Patel wins it will cement his authority in Congress, loses, he might gain more sympathy..

Having said, it is irony that the government that claims to be different and brags about its spotless repute has reduced RS elections to the stature of Municipality elections...

It is stooping so low to form governments, in states where it had been voted to sit in opposition benches, thus undermining the spirit of democratic elections.

Elections Badal raha hai, Desh Badale na Badale.

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