Telangana - The Ghost Of Suicides Still Haunting
Hyderabad: " One does not establish a dictatorship in order to safeguard a revolution; one makes the revolution in order to establish the dictatorship”.

The Telangana Martyrs’ Memorial standing firm at Gun Park opposite State Assembly is neither a symbol of bravery nor martyrdom.

 Paradoxically, it is a sad reminder of political opportunism. 

It is a relic of scores of innocent students who were subverted to lay down their lives by self-centered politicians who promised a colorful  Fantasy world called " Bangar Telangana ".

It is, nothing, but, a symbolic remnant of sheer politics over dead bodies and a total political madness at its highest. 

While promising a Telangana of dreams of the despaired public , the politicians as well as the intellectuals who were cahoots in the political game during Telangana movement, in an act of brazenness  projected the number of suicides as a “benchmark” to measure the intensity and severity of the movement.

Suicides all over the world, in most cases, are driven by very personal and emotional problems. 

Nowhere in the world do hundreds of human beings used suicide as an instruments of protest just to politically liberate a region. 

In that sense, what happened for political liberation of Telangana was unparalleled.

 Any demand, be it nationalist or regional, cannot be a cause for so many people to die on their own.

And, it is a mystery that even after the demand has been fulfilled the ghost of suicides continue to haunt Telangana for a paradoxical reason that those committing suicide, reason that the Present Telangana they achieved is not the Telangana of  their aspirations.

The  Intellectuals, who spearheaded the T- movement not knowing that they were doing so to serve the political interests of their political masters, are now began to lament that they had not fought and provoked youth to sacrifice for the present form Telangana.

They began to voice a concern that  the fiercely argumentative Telangana which had known for democratic movements is slowly morphing into an intolerant Telangana.

Telangana people are destined to be on the streets for eternity to voice their grievances even after achieving their own dream state.

Or that's what the suicide of 21 year old MSc first-year student in OU campus allegedly frustrated over not getting in so far, manifests.

The Telangana movement was based on the slogan of " Water- Funds- Jobs and the present ruling dispensation which spearheaded the Telangana promised to undo the injustice meted to Telangana by Andhra colonial rulers to that effect.

But, three years down the line, the Telangana people were once again forced to hit the streets, as entire Telangana is dissenting that there was not much difference to the Telangana under the Andhra rulers and the Present Telangana that is turning out to be not the Telangana for which many of their children's laid their lives.

The suicide in the OU campus is an  unfortunate reminder that all is not well and the state was facing a severe crisis of unfulfilled promises and  a despair of dashed aspirations.

Call it coincidence or mystery, the suicide at OU was committed on the day the Telangana was observing 8th suicide anniversary of Srikanthachari, the first martyr of second phase of Telangana movement.

The suicide of Srikanthachari triggered a wave of suicides, while it became catalyst to an intensified T- movement.

Well,  whether the present suicide coinciding his suicide anniversary would  trigger a similar impact is a conjecture of time, but it certainly brought the politics over dead body into the act once again in Telangana.

It was also a strange coincidence that suicide occurred on the eve of TJAC bracing for a Job Battle.

The TJAC was to organise a "Koluvula kai Kotlaata" , a protest meeting, a sort of agitation demanding the government to fulfil its promise on jobs.

The suicide on one hand manifests frustration that is growing among the youth because they were unable to get jobs in a state of their aspirations.

On the other,  it triggers an apprehension  that democracy  in the state is turning pathological, for the one who has the deep sense of understanding of the “emerging discourse of politics” in the state.

For, the youth who committed  suicide in the OU campus had reportedly been supporting the TJAC's " Job Battle" and went missing hours before his body was found hanging.

No idea why he resorted to such extreme recourse hours before the TJAC's protest function for which he had been campaigning and why he chose the suicide anniversary of Srinkanthachari to coincide with his extreme step.

It would ,no doubt, be a matter to be probed, because it ignites a cynical perception that he was subverted to take that step either to give an intensity to the TJAC protest programme or encouraged by the forces that wanted the TJAC programme  to be disrupted.

Both the things can't be ruled out given, the tradition of suicide politics of Telangana political history.

Now, to make matters worse doubts over the genuineness of the suicide note recovered are being voiced by the TJAC as well as students unions.

While police who said to have recovered the note say that the suicide was due to frustration over the fear of failing in the exam.

The students unions doubting the genuineness of the note alleged that suicide was because of the government's apathy towards unemployment issue.

While the latest  suicide raised curtains for one more round politics over dead bodies,  the government of the new state appears to be blind to the “Rule of the Law”. 

There are no signs of principles of democratic governance, rather one gets the impression that the party rule that was hall mark of integrated state has now metamorphosed into a feudal family rule. 

The Telangana state now appears to be a relic of a “Feudal Estate” where the ghost of suicides is still haunting the state.

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