A Dog Barking at Another Dog
New Delhi: "The more I watch the politician, the more I love my Dog" 

For Bhakths, Amit Shah's animal jibe at opposition parties might be an enunciation of fable of Panchatantra.

While it manifests a self-adulation and display of low standard political discourse and more importantly reflects  complete ignorance of his own party's history..

It reminds Ghalib's couplet which goes something like - "The dirt was on my face, and I had been cleaning the mirror".

It was brazen display of arrogance.

It would be appropriate for Shah and to his Bhakths to recall that BJP and its allies got united on " Blind anti-Congressism", during the hay days of Congress.

Before uttering animal jibe at opponents, it is better for him to look at his own backyard and try explain what is the commonality between BJP and its allies.

He should better explain what made him and his party to share power with a completely ideologically divergent parties like PDP in J&K, and with IPFT in Tripura..

The PDP is now openly batting in support of the stone pelters and began to sound more pro-Pak.

Shah should be more exposing whether his party by virtue of being in alliance   also supports the stone pelters, if not, he must at least retrospect on why his party continue to be a bedfellows of PDP in Kashmir.

And if such an alliance of his own party was not akin to  coming together all those animals he tried to equate the opposition , then how it is an assembly of angels, only Shah could explain.

In fact, all the cats, rats, street dogs, etc.were also part of BJP led NDA in the past.

The parties that he called animals were once part of NDA's  animal park.

It seems the BJP chief forgot that so called flood of Modi is no more a flow of gutter today, with all those parties which he termed rats leaving it unable to bear the odor and the stink.

His criticism on the opposition for parliamentary disruption only reflects more of the failure of the Government which "ran" away from  the responsibility to "run" the house.

The ease with which  AIADMK disrupted the house to help the BJP to escape facing the No-Trust motion could not have been possible, but for his party's " Kar Seva"(Handiwork).

He would better recall on how UPA suspended its own members to get the AP Re-organisation Bill passed amidst pandemonium and now how his own government failed to take any initiative to resolve the impasse and put the House in order, for it to take up the No Trust Motion...

He should better be giving explanation to the nation  on why, despite having brute majority in the house, his party ran away from the parliamentary debate like a dog that had its tail between its legs.

While Shah  and his party used the  dogs( if his animal  analogy is to be taken in its political spirit) of AIADMK to bark and disrupt  the parliament session, his jibes at opposition   smacks of arrogance and disdain.

And more importantly, the BJP chief who boasts of his electoral acumen, must better  understand that in a democracy elections  are always fought with " ANIMAL" spirits by all political parties.

And his jibe is only an act of a " Dog barking at another Dog"

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