A Needless Distraction
New Delhi: " The concept of the benevolent dictator, just like the concepts of the noble thief is no more than a meaningless fantasy". 

There is no doubt and qualms to say that "Emergency" was a dark phase in the history of our democracy.

It was indeed a big blot in the history of Independent India.

But, is it an issue to be recalled and debated in 2018 with an impassioned denunciation, without introspecting the present situation? 

Especially, when, even after 70 yrs of Independent existence, where, the polity does not have historical temper to look at inconvenient facts in the face and explain them with clinical scrupulosity than utilise the opportunity to further its politics,  is it appropriate to recall the dark days.

It appears, BJP, in recalling the Dark days, found a useful stick to beat the  Congress, the already  dead horse, only to divert the attention of the Public from its failures. 

But, those politicos that are trying to recall the days of emergency must better introspect on the present situation under thier regime.

They seemed to have  forgotten the comment made by LK Advani not very long time ago that Emergency like conditions were emerging.

These elements that equated Indira with Hitler are enacting an Ostrich to the fact that in the last four years certain sections of the population are being lynched and targeted as they don't fit into the RSS idea of India.

It is unfortunate that in thier greed to score a few political points, the wisest man in the present Ruling dispensation had unfairly and in a deplorable manner remarked that "Indira is Hitler of India".

The hatred with which the remark was made is an utter disregard of political etiquette and the protocol.

Before, vomiting such hatred, the wise man would have recalled that despite the Emergency being darkest hour, the intelligent people of India forgot, forgave, and within two years blessed Indira with an overwhelming majority.

On the other hand , those shamelessly called her Hitler should also remember that the Sangh led by Golwalkar praised Hitler.

However Dark the Emergency was, one should realise that the situation remains the same especially when it comes to suppress the dissent, while a section of media is not only bending but also crawling before the powers that matter.

To say that even after 43 years the nation is still going through a nightmare which is worse than Emergency may not be cynical or supportive of being anti-national.

One is reminded of Emergency in present scenario where we are going through an undeclared Emergency, there is no doubt about that. 

We are witnessing  a huge, massive attack on the freedom of expression. We have seen innocent, helpless people being lynched  because they did not fit into the RSS’s view of India. 

We have a horrendous situation, a nightmare which is worse than the Emergency.

During the Emergency we knew what the situation was.

The Opposition was in jail, there was no freedom of speech, etc. 

Now we are living in a battered, bleeding democracy.

 And though no Emergency has been declared, people are being killed, people are being jailed; people are being hauled up for sedition and for being anti-national.

It is an absolutely nightmarish situation which has no equal..

We have enough on our platter to sort out than worry about what happened 43 years ago. 

Therefore, recalling a 43 year old event is a " NEEDLESS DISTRACTION", a pure political rhetoric to divert the people from the failed "Achche Din " narrative.

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