Blame It On English Weather
London: "You can get discouraged many times, but, you are not a failure, until you start blaming someone, something  and stop trying". 

The feeling back home , watching the Indian team capitulate before English bowlers, was as dull and  gloomy as the English weather.

Watching the Indian batsmen to surrender so meekly, I was in confusion, like them against moving ball, whether to burst into agony or enjoy the sheer pleasure of watching the skill displayed by English bowlers.

There is a sense of conspiracy, as both English weather and its team appeared to have collaborated against No.I test team.

As a hardcore fan (of late, the word fan or supporter is synonym with the  "Bhakth", back home)  of Indian cricket, I blame it on weather rather than..

The  tactics of the coach and captain in picking up two spinners despite a forecast of rainy and gloomy conditions..

The inability of the star batsmen against the moving ball.

I blame the rain Gods for not answering my prayers, while, though, it was a treat to watch English bowlers moving the ball in a Banana curve, either this or that way, cruelly and to my dismay exposing the technique of my idols.

I understand, with a bit cricketing knowledge(though, it is of Gully Cricket), that any other team would have problems against a moving ball, but,  with the so called Indian greats the covert flaws were in the open too quickly and so painfully, giving credence to the claims that this Indian batters are " Flat pitch Bullies".(No... IPL is nothing to do with the humiliation at Mecca of cricket).

It wasn't they didn't try, they did everything to get out,  as they found it disgrace of getting beaten at everything hurled at them by English bowlers .

It is a fact that in England the ball moves, but, the Indian greats are confronted with a quandary, in which, somehow they can't keep thier bats close to the body and can't play with soft hands and Oh, my, they even forgot that when the ball is moving they need to show the full face of the bat to the bowler..( Oh. Come on, I am just a fan, and what the hell am doing in trying to do a coach). 

I am sure,  they knew exactly, where thier wives and girl friends were seated in the stands, but not where thier off stump was and which way the ball was moving.

All these things were school boy errors  and not of them that belong to No.1 test side.

To say that Indian team was batting on Lords pitch was a novice statement, they were all at sea on a fishing expedition would be an apt sum up.

In a post match statement, Kohli, the captain humiliate, sounded optimistic when he said that his team had a chance to correct in next game to make it 2-1 and to turn the series exciting from there...

Well, as the Promo of the Test series by the broadcaster goes - " Kya Hoga ish Baar?".....

As things stand the answer is - Abh ke baar..It's  a white wash, yaar...

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