KCR - Politics Of Kite Flying
Hyderabad: “A wily fox has many exits to his lair”. 

So also with KCR, the self-styled architect of Bangar Telangana. Media-savvy, he often speaks to the press, but on his own terms with oratory skills which no one in his profession can match or dare to match.

His statements would come out of the blue and hit where they should be hitting and once they started invite criticism he would retract from them immediately, after giving a sound defensive answers to substantiate them.

He has this habit of "tying the hair to the mountain" and all his statements emanate from this context.

He is as unpredictable as the chaotic and deranged, clever and violent, as the “Joker”, the villain character in Christopher Nolan's “The Dark Knight”.

A scrutiny of the evolution of KCR to the present position reveals that the politician in KCR is unpredictable, who never gives his opponents of what his next move is or what he has in his mind.

He is a politician governed by “opportunism and political folly” and hence impossible to predict.

Hence, his earlier surprise talk of Third front as an alternative to both BJP and Congress at which he was ready to play a lead role to actualise it, to suddenly going silent on the front to his recent signals that he might opt for early elections to the state Assembly is one such display of his unpredictable character.

He focuses so much on “Politics of Kite Flying” -- try this, and if it doesn't work, try that -- that his politics seems to be constantly flip-flopping between what he calls is his political policies.

*For him the Politics of Kite Flying is a perception battle.* 

So what makes him to fly kites through such statements and continue display his unpredictability and keep his opponents in perpetual confusion?

Notwithstanding, his flying kites over his plans to opt for early elections to the state Assembly, reports emanating from insiders close to KCR is that he may prefer elections to state assembly along with the forthcoming Assembly elections to states like Rajasthan etc.

There are several reasons to substantiate this political kite flying by KCR.

His recent moves to support the NDA nominee was quite opposed to his proclaimed stand of forming a federal front opposed to both BJP and the Congress.

He has tacit cosy relations with BJP at the centre. This undeclared friendship was no secret in the recent past with TRS voting for NDA nominee in the elections to deputy Chairman of RS at a time when united opposition would have trounced the ruling NDA.

Given the present political discourse in the country, if you ask KCR “Kya Chal Raha Hai(What is the new trend),, he would say “Hindutva Chal Raha hai”( Hindutva is the new trend).

KCR, the wise politician that he is, perceives that everything had gone wrong for the BJP and Prime Minister Narendra Modi and that the BJP would have no choice but to play Hindutva card once again in 2019 elections.

He is aware that as the BJP enters its last lap before its term ends, its formidable citadel is not as strong as it was when the party came to power four years ago and the mounting anger among the farmers, Muslims, Dalits has sent worrying signals not only to the BJP leadership, but also to KCR.

Thus, KCR predicts a highly polarised discourse in the country in the run up to the 2019 elections.

He fears that such a polarised atmosphere may cost him the crucial Muslim and Dalit vote.

On the other hand, the Congress has been campaigning that KCR is BJP’s B-Team captain.

Further, the apprehension that Congress might do well in the assembly elections of Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh etc. and that any such eventuality would create a pro-Congress mood in the nation that may have positive impact for the party in Telangana too much to the detriment to TRS.

Thus, any indications that he is a tacit and potential ally of Narendra Modi might have serious repercussions for his ambitions to retain power in the state.

An early assembly elections, thus would give him leeway to contest on his own without being uncritical of BJP and after retaining power, put him in apposition to forge an open alliance with the BJP in LS elections that would be held later.

If the 2019 Lok Sabha elections are a game of chess, then opting for an early assembly elections was KCR’s opening move.

The agenda was clear—to prepare a game plan to be in open alliance with the BJP, without hurting his chances in the state, as there is no way he could contest assembly elections in open alliance with the BJP.

*If the Modi is "Sultan", there is no doubt, KCR is his “Wazir” from South.*

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