CBN-Desparation Writ All Over
Amaravati: “There are no desperate situations, there are only desperate people”.

“Politics is a strange world and there are no permanent foes or friends” is an often repeated cliché.

The latest to prove this clichéd saying right is TDP chief N Chandrababu Naidu, the “once upon a time poster boy” of AP politics is fighting a 'do or die' battle, perhaps the toughest election of his entire political career, this time……...Or,…..…….It appears so…..

In the public school of Andhra Pradesh, there was not a single day in which Chandrababu Naidu was not in news.

As usual, he is in news, not for a decent reason, but for his Ministers sounding critical over his alleged plans to ally with the Congress Party.

Nara Chandrababu Naidu, the rare mix of “Machiavellian, Freud, Kautilya, Marx, Thomas Baso, Baba Ramdev, Anna Hazare and an embodiment of all the political reforming and marketing wisdom of the world” has been living a charmed life in the public school of politics in the state.... so far.

How long he would live this charmed political life would be a conjecture of time as the political scenario in Andhra is all set to witness some interesting developments in the coming days, thanks to some of his desperate measures, which, albeit, of his own making.

Interesting….Yes, as the reports emanating within the close circles of Babu were to be true.

The reports indicate that the shrewd politician of AP politics is all set to contest the next elections in alliance with the Congress, a prime rival since the inception of the TDP…

The indications emanating from Babu’s close aides reflect that Babu might join hands with the Congress to take on both Modi and YS Jagan, his present nemeses.

No further proof of the Babu’s political skills ( or is it desperation) is required than the reports floating around his efforts to cosy up with the Congress.

While the present idea might redefine the contours of relations between the TDP and the Congress or the emerging political scenario in the state, the question would be on how would he defend his move and on whether such a move help him electorally.

But , he would have not dared to toy with such idea, if he had not assiduously turned himself into a political brand that most of his followers trust.

Some of his prescriptions in fact, made sure that he has a large following of bhakts who take his advice as a political gospel.

Main Hoon Na, he seems to say, and the followers get ready to gulp down any political concoction that he doles out in the form of a staretgy/tactic.

However, political circles are yet to agree on the electoral implications for TDP if he meant his idea to join hands with the Congress, the party that bifurcated the state against the wishes of people of Seemandhra region.

Politics is strange bedfellows and in electoral battles alliances mainly depend on who is fighting whom.

As things stand, Babu is fighting against both Modi and YS Jagan, while Congress appeared to be an also contesting party.

The first argument of the critics of TDP-Congress alliance is that the party has bifurcated the state against the wishes of people of Andhra region.

But, the fact is that every political party except CPI(M) has supported the bifurcation.

The united Andhra Pradesh would not have been divided without the active support of BJP. Yet, the TDP had electoral alliance with BJP in 2014.

Similarly, Babu now perceives that the Congress is the only other alternate force to come to power at the Centre. The congress has already extended its full support for the demand for special category status.

He hopes to exploit this promise of the Congress to defend his possible electoral understanding with congress.

Is it smart political thinking that CBN was known for, one cannot stop pulling one’s hair in disbelief?

Only CBN, the desperate, “who is desparate in his own game” can answer.

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