KCR - Miles Ahead In Perception Battle
Hyderabad: “Political perception is limited to what the Politician’s mind is prepared to comprehend”

The third day pitch of Southampton was dry, the opponent batting appeared vulnerable and the rough patches just outside the off stump line on the pitch could be seen, sitting before the TV in Hyderabad, thousands of miles from Southampton….

…. Still, Ashwin, the main bowler of India, found struggling to bowl and in the process gave England a chance to throw a challenge at Indian batsmen in the ongoing fourth test, which India must win to be in the series.

For some obvious reasons, the Telangana Congress leadership, somehow, appeared like struggling Ashwin, trying to outsmart KCR, the maverick of Telangana politics.

For the last one month, KCR was trying to trap the main opposition around his “Pragathi Nivedana Sabha”, an “over -the –top- show of strength”, with the signals that the proposed show would also coincide with an announcement of the dissolution of the Telangana Assembly, paving the way for early polls in the state.

The T-Congress leadership, for all its posturing, wisdom and seemingly righteousness, always appeared clueless in grabbing the opportunity thrown at them by KCR, the political gambler.

And that’s no surprise because T-Congress leadership did not know what they are up to in the face of an opponent who always stayed a step ahead of them in the perception battle.

The T-Congress instead of sensing through the gamble, somehow, wasting its time in Gandhi Bhavan hurling meaningless questions and allegations like the amount of public money was being wasted on the Show by KCR at Kongar Kolan.

With hopes on Jinx of early elections impacting the ruling party, the T-Congress leadership appears to be not making any other effort to comprehend the strategy of KCR to go for early elections.

It was a 2014 situation for the Congress.

At that time, while KCR put up a similar show with a huge victory rally from Shamshabad airport to Telangana Bhavan to project himself the “Telangana Jaati Pita”(Father of Telangana), the Congress was busy with its senior leaders fighting for CM position with a hope that the people of Telangana would hand them over the powers for gifting them Telangana.

Today, the allegations of the Congress of misuse of the power by KCR appeared silly, as instead of understanding the motives behind his moves, it is indulging in trivial questioning, which might be making KCR smiling all the way to Kongar Kolan.

If there was any leader in the Indian politics who could think out of the box, KCR walks the honours.

KCR is looking as much at Hyderabad as he is at New Delhi. With this massive rally, the TRS intends to make the Opposition Congress feel dwarfed in comparison to the "Baahubalisque" KCR.

He also aims to make people 1,500 kilometres away in North India sit up and take note of the optics of the mass mobilisation.

When KCR had toyed with the idea of a non-BJP, non-Congress "Federal Front", other parties did not quite warm up to the idea of the TRS chief pitching himself as the leader of such a group, while the Congress tried to brush it off as the conspiracy of Modi and KCR to keep it outside the scheme of third alternative.

The present show of strength is KCR's way of showing his support base in his backyard and a signal that he is off the blocks.

KCR believes that if he goes the Assembly and parliamentary elections separately, he would be in a better position politically, as he could be in a better position to convert the Assembly elections into a presidential contest where the attention is focused entirely on him.

Also, if he wins the Assembly, he can project himself, A la, Mamata Banerjee, as one of the leaders in the reckoning for the top job at the head of a "Third Front", if both the BJP and the Congress are not in a position to form the government at the Centre.

Politicians friendly with the TRS have already advised him to stitch together a "KCR for prime minister" narrative, underline his "agitator to administrator" journey and position himself as a regional satrap.

This is important also because it will fit with the succession plan he has to implement in Hyderabad. Moving to New Delhi will allow KCR to make his son "KTR" succeed him as chief minister.

And if he does so amid political euphoria, it will also ensure that other claimants don't resist the move.

Well, we are in for a biggest gamble of KCR in his political life throwing an opportunity before the Congress.

It appears, the Congress lacked the vision to grab the opportunity being given to them by KCR…

… Hence, KCR is having a field day by organising a show that is billed as "the mother of all political rallies in India” and going ahead with his gamble with all the worldly comfort.

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