Is KCR playing "Hide and Seek" with Modi?
  Hyderabad: Opportunity does not waste time with those who are unprepared.

Finally, all the speculations on whether KCR would opt for early elections is over, however, perplexing the move to the lay man is.

Regardless of the reasons, the move is purely political, where , Congress, the main opposition is caught unprepared both without strategies and resources and BJP in a big dilemma on whether KCR, the unpredictable, would stand by with it.

Whatever might be the predicament of the Congress, it is BJP which is now caught in a catch 22 situation on its confusion whether it should play an opposition or look at KCR to play his " B" team.

KCR knows all the fundamentals that politics is perception and he is a man who wastes his time to seize an opportunity.

He goes around knocking for the opportunity, while the opposition waits for the opportunity to knock its doors.

KCR is successful, so far, since assuming the power, to check the so called Modi wave to cause storm on the banks of Hussain Sagar or destroy the political edifice he built in the Nizam's land.

He had been acting  a  Chanakya, to contain BJP and confuse it on its role in Telangana politics by constantly making " I am with you " kind of gestures to Narendra Modi.

With such moves, he not only limited state BJP's role to a mute spectator and also completely stalled it indulging in any effort  to grow on its own.

The  clamour for "Grow alone - Go lone" concept of BJP seemed to have lost in the shrill of KCR's " Main hu na" assurance, he had given to BJP's national leadership.

Both Amit Shah and Modi have no answers left  at the mastery of art of opportunism,  with his " sail with the wind" policy of aligning with MIM and creating a perception of cosying up with BJP at the center.

What KCR is doing is to beat Mody in his game of " Hugplomacy" and making feel warm in his political embrace assuring that he would be his all weather ally, in any eventuality post 2019 polls.

Thus, KCR is the only leader who forced both Modi and Amit Shah to restrain from deploying any strategy of their agenda of " Mission South" and has given them not an inch to play  thier Expand BJP across India games in Telangana.

This led the BJP to remain neither a strong opposition nor a structured political party as it has been pushed into a state of complete confusion.

No doubt, BJP stands on the weakest ground and might even find it difficult even to retain the present assembly seats it has been representing in the state,....

...unless, KCR has a soft corner, and stands by his assurance, and fields weak candidates in them, in a kind of friendly contest.

And BJP remains a perennial tail party in a state where it has all the grounds to grow on its own...

May be the ones who create waves, sometimes drown in thier own waves...

It is no celebration of Liberation Day for BJP this September, after all KCR is its undeclared High-Command  in Telangana.

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